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Luis Figo

Luis Figo


11/4/1972, Almada, Portugal

Birth Name

Luis Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo


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Regarded as one of the best players in the history of his sport, Luis Figo is an Portuguese soccer player, playing in the positions of winger. Nicknamed by the Portuguese as "Golden Boy", known by his fast pace and dribbling accuracy, Figo is one of the most feared…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Figo Honors

      With Sporting:
      - Portuguese Cup: 1994/1995

      With Barcelona:
      - Spanish League: 1997/1998; 1998/1999
      - Spanish Cup: 1996/1997; 1997/1998
      - Spanish SuperCup: 1996
      - UEFA Cup Winners Cup: 1996/1997
      - European SuperCup: 1997

      With Real Madrid:
      - Spanish League: 2000/2001; 2002/2003
      - Spanish SuperCup: 2001; 2003
      - UEFA Champions League: 2001/2002
      - Intercontinental Cup: 2002
      - European SuperCup: 2002

      With Inter Milan:
      - Italian League: 2005/2006
      - Italian Cup: 2005/2006
      - Italian SuperCup: 2005; 2006

      With Portugal:
      - FIFA Under 20 World Cup: 1991

      - UEFA Euro 2000 Most Valuable Player
      - Golden Ball: 2000
      - FIFA World Player of The Year: 2001

    • Figo stats in the clubs he represented (counting only league appearances and goals):
      1989 - 1995 - Sporting - 129 appearances, 16 goals
      1995 - 2000 - Barcelona - 172 appearances, 30 goals
      2000 - 2005 - Real Madrid - 163 appearances, 38 goals
      2005 - 2007 - Inter Milan - 49 appearances, 5 goals

    • In 2005-2006 season, Figo, along with Portuguese manager Carlos Queiroz, were the owners of Portugal racing team in A1 Grand Prix

    • Figo's favorite positions in the field are in either wing (he can play equally well in the left wing or in the right wing) or in the role of attacking midfielder, behind the striker.

    • In his international career, Figo has scored 32 goals with Portugal's shirt.

    • Luis Figo is Portugal's most international player. In 15 years playing in the national squad, Figo represented Portugal in 127 occasions.

    • After his transfer to Real Madrid, Figo, at that time Bareclona's captain and a hero to the Barcelona fans, became known as a traitor, earning such nicknames as "Pesetero" (person that only sees money in front of the eyes) or "Judas". In the next games against Barcelona, Figo couldn't even score corner kicks, because the autorities were worried that the Barcelona fans could try something against him. This proved to be true in the first game against his old team, where objects like lighters, Coke bottles and even a pig head were thrown towards Figo while the game rolled.

    • At one time, Luis Figo was the most expensive player in the history of soccer. In his last year in Barcelona, he signed a professional contract in 2000 with Real Madrid. Real had to pay an amount around 12 million dollars to Barcelona in order to give the contract to Figo. In the next year, Zinedine Zidane became the most expensive player, when Real payed Juventus 14 million dollars. At January 2007, Figo's transfer is the second most expensive in the history of sport.

    • Luis has three daughters, Daniela (born in March 1999), Martina (born in April 2002), and Stella (born December 9, 2004).

    • Luis was named the 2001 FIFA World Player of the Year.

    • Luis was named the 2000 European Footballer of the Year.

    • Luis is devoted to the Catholic religion.

    • Luis is of Portuguese decent.

  • Quotes

    • (Explaining why he will leave Inter Milan, justifying with the little time of play)
      Luis Figo: If you find a player that is happy because he only plays in the last minutes of the game, bring him to me, because I would like to shake his hand.

    • (About his plans in the future)
      Luis Figo: Opportunities appear every day. There's nothing in particular right now, but of course, if I find an well of petroleum, I will turn in that direction. In the future, I see myself leading with some energy business.

    • (Talking about how he ended in Sporting formation)
      Luis Figo: I went to a Benfica (Sporting greatest rival) training to see if they would pick me up. But they just wanted boys with a strong body, and I was a "twig" when I was 10 years old, my age when I went there. So, after that I went to Sporting and I don't regret it, they have the best formation system of young men in Portugal.

    • (About being elected the best player in the world)
      Luis Figo: That day, I felt that every sacrifice that I did in my career was rewarded.

    • Luis Figo: The worst thing that could happen to you when you're a professional soccer player is getting injured. After that, losing a game is the worst.

    • Luis Figo: I think that I've won everything that I dreamed of in my life. I mean, being in a final in the European Championship and in a semi-final in the World Cup with the Portugal national squad is equal to be World Champion in the Brazil national squad.

    • About the best moment in his career
      Luis Figo: I've had plenty, every title that I've won. But, in personal terms, winning the Golden Ball was an honour cause it titled my entire career.

    • Telling who he thinks that were the best players in history of soccer
      Luis Figo: From the ones that I've seen playing, Diego Maradona is the first one, Van Basten the second, and the third position will be occupied by Zidane or Ronaldo.

    • Talking about the 2002 disaster campaign in the World Cup
      Luis Figo: Everything went wrong. Since the beginning of the training until the end, things didn't happened as we planned it. We should not repeat the same mistakes, past is past. It's in history to remember and learn, the good things and the bad things.

    • About the lost final in the 2004 European Championship
      Luis Figo: I felt sad, like every Portuguese. We got the entire country supporting us during the championship, even in the worst moments, so, when we reached the final, we never thought that we would lose to Greece. It was a big deception.