Lukas Haas





4/16/1976 , West Hollywood, California, USA

Birth Name

Lukas Daniel Haas




Lukas Haas is an American actor who has starred in a number of major films, including The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Red Riding Hood, Zoolander, and Mars Attacks. Haas was born in West Hollywood on April 16, 1976, the son of an artist and a writer. He first began acting before the age of ten, starring in the nuclear holocaust movie, Testament. At the age of eight he starred in Witness with Harrison Ford. He had appeared in fourteen movies before he was twenty years old. In 1988 he appeared with Steve Martin and Robin Williams in the stage version of Waiting for Godot, which would lead to him later working with Martin again in the hit film Leap of Faith. Later he would work with Tim Burton and Woody Allen, among others. Subsequently, Haas began to invest in a career in music, playing piano and drums for his own band, and he has appeared in music videos for a number of other major bands.