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  • I know he helped with my most hated SpongeBob episode, but I still like him anyway

    I seriously hate people who judge a writer's morality and character by what they write. I know Mr. Brookshire helped with "Demolition Doofus" where neither Mrs. Puff nor SpongeBob were likeable, but when you call someone insane or evil because of what they wrote, you are just as bad as Le Squish and The Huff, if you know what I mean. Speaking of which, why are YOU still ALIVE?! Sometimes I wonder if you wish ill of the writers out of pleasure. Mr. Brookshire had helped with good episodes, too. Just watch them if you haven't. I just want to kill anyone who insults the SpongeBob (or former) in a demolition derby and watch their blood spill out. Then I would dance on their graves and throw a party to celebrate. Overall, just like most people, who help or have helped with SpongeBob, Mr. Brookshire is underrated and I respect him. I also forgive him for making little SpongeBob act like a jerk to Mrs. Puff. I know that wasn't the intent.moreless