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    Yes, this is definitely big news for us Luke fans!

    Luke will be playing Scotty for another episode, this time, episode 14 (production ep. 116), which is entitled, "Valentine's Day Massacre," and will air on February 11th of 2007.

    far, from what I gather, Los Angeles is quite a small place and Kevin
    and Scotty bump into each other and converse and later they get a bit
    drunk at a bar.  There's some repartée between Kevin & Scotty (well
    mostly from Scotty's side).  Not sure on the exact details of the
    episode, but from what I can gather, it seems like a good decent size
    guest starring screen time for our favorite actor, Luke!  And this
    might not just be a one time return either.  Stay tuned for more
    details in the near future.

    Production of episode 14 is still
    going on and has not wrapped up, from what I gather.  I am not sure
    when Luke is to report for his scenes or has already, but this is just
    great knowing he's doing (or did) the episode that we all have to wait
    for come February 11th!

    Rejoice fans!  Our favorite Scotty
    Wandell will be coming back.  Luke will get more screen time!


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    He'll be back for season 2 of Brothers & Sisters too... but his life will be in a different place right now...
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