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    • Luke is currently dating co-star Rebecca Breeds.

    • Luke describes his perfect first date as spontaneous.

    • Luke has been nominated for a Golden Logie, for 'Most Popular New Male Talent'.

    • Luke Mitchell portrays Romeo Smith in Home and Away.

    • Luke Mitchell got his big break when he was cast as bad boy Chris Knight on Neighbours.

    • As well as taking acting classes, Luke also worked on various student films for extra cash.

    • Luke Mitchell portrays the role of Will Benjamin on H20: Just Add Water, who is a strong, athletic free diver who has spent his life traveling the world with his family on a small yacht.

    • Luke Mitchell has tan skin, hazel eyes, and blond/brown surfer hair.

    • After continuing acting classes in Melbourne, Luke Mitchell had a three month guest role on Neighbours, between the years of 2007-2008. In 2008, Luke moved back to the Gold Coast for a lead role in H20: Just Add Water and the day after her wrapped, he moved to Sydney. A week after landing in Sydney, he auditioned and successfully portrays the role of Romeo on Home and Away.

    • Once Luke began taking acting lessons, he found himself in a scary, but new world.

    • Luke never did Drama as an elective at school and hated the compulsory subjects.

    • Luke Mitchell attended Nerang State High School.

    • Luke Mitchell has an older brother (who coaches tennis on the Gold Coast at the Royal Pines), two younger brothers (one used to play tennis and the youngest plays at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra) and a younger sister.

    • Luke's decision to give up tennis was definitely a surprise to his number one supporters; his family. Although his parents were very supportive, when Luke told his mother that he was moving to Melbourne to become an actor, she told him that he was either going to end up on the streets or become rich and famous.

    • It was at 19, when Luke was training seven days a week when he realized tennis was the only thing that revolved around his life; so he decided to give it up.

    • Mr. Michael currently resides in Sydney, Australia, but has previously lived in Melbourne and Queensland.

    • Luke Mitchell has played tennis from the age of five to nineteen. He was ambitious for professional, but ultimately chose to pursue acting.

    • Luke Mitchell is an Australian actor and model.

    • Whilst working in a show in Melbourne, Luke Mitchell auditioned for the role of Chris Knight on Neighbours.

    • Luke Mitchell has travelled around Australia with international entertainment company, Sudden Impact Entertainment, working in their live theatre shows.

    • Luke Mitchell has worked with top industry professionals from Film, Television and Radio, such as Joss McWilliam, Iain Gardiner, Kim Krejus , Craig McMahon and Dean Carey.

    • Luke Mitchell is 6' 1" (1.85m).

    • Luke Mitchell trained at the Film and Television Studio International.

  • Quotes

    • Luke Mitchell: (Describing how he feels to be nominated for a Logie) I'm just excited at the prospect of going to the logies let alone being nominated.

    • Luke Mitchell: I've been in this industry long enough to know it's not always like this. Everyone gets along really well and it's like a big family. People keep saying that I'm going to be an international star, but I find it hard to believe. I just take it as it comes.

    • Luke Mitchell: (Describing the feeling of how he enjoys acting) Tennis was all I had and I wanted to try different things. I found myself in a private acting class one day and I really enjoyed it.

    • Luke Mitchell: (Describing the relationship between him and his character, Will Benjamin, who he portrays on H20: Just Add Water) There are definitely some parallels between myself and the character. I do love the ocean, having grown up on the Gold Coast, and I'm a very passionate and determined person.

    • Luke Mitchell: (On the set of Home And Away, Luke singles out Ray Meagher as) such a gentleman, he has, as well as everyone else, gone out of his way to make me feel welcome - and he's a television icon.

    • Luke Mitchell: (After giving up tennis) Once tennis was gone, I was able to spend more time figuring out what it was I really wanted to do.