Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson


9/21/1971, Dallas, Texas, United States

Birth Name

Luke Cunningham Wilson


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Luke kicked off his acting career by having fun with some buddies and was lucky enough to debut alongside his brother, Owen Wilson and friend, Wes Anderson. The trio collaborated on "Bottle Rocket," an indie sensation which launched their careers.

Brothers Owen, Andrew Wilson, and Luke Wilson grew…more


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    • Luke: I'm going to be 37 next week. Do we have a biological clock, guys? I feel like I do. Something is definitely ticking.

    • Luke: (on brother Owen) He kind of tends to control things. I'd say he's the Tony Soprano of the family.

    • Luke: I remember as a kid my older brother Owen telling me that if I folded down the waistband of my underwear and wore them on the outside, people would think I was wearing a bathing suit. So I did it, but I don't remember anyone thinking it was a bathing suit.

    • Luke: (on what makes him laugh) I can go for real dry humor, or I can go for super goofy. I know the best times I've had in the business are being around people like Will Ferrell, genuinely funny people who make you want to kid around.

    • Luke: (When told that he seems to be cast as the sort of guy whose shoulder girls cry on) Well, I am a solid guy. That seems to be something I've been saddled with in Hollywood, not that that's a bad thing. But I have had people I've gone out with say, 'You're not as nice as you are in the movies. You're nothing like the guy in Legally Blonde, you're actually a jerk'. And I've said, 'That's life'. Nah, it's just something I've ended up doing.

    • Luke: (When asked if he'd ever gone to a girl's house and had her parents react badly) I like to put my best foot forward and be funny and say something… and then realise it's offensive, try to explain it, and dig myself a deeper hole and finally there I am at the dinner table in a horrible mistake. But I've never had it happen too badly. I have had a few dads take me aside and tell me they love their daughters very much and what am I getting at?

    • Luke: (revealing he acts drunk so well by actually drinking) There's a fine line between being sloppy and just feeling relaxed. If you're doing a drunk scene all day, you can't start drinking at eight in the morning and keep it up till eight at night. But those last three hours? That's when I tell the director to shoot my close-up, because I'm gonna be bombed.

  • Brown hair, blue eyes... the sexier of the Wilson bros!

    Okay, I admit it... I prefer Luke. I feel like I'm in the minority too. Everyone seems to like Owen's longish hair and crooked nose. But since I saw Luke in "Legally Blonde" I was sold. He's awesome... He's also hysterical! I dig his short brown hair and boyish good looks. He's definitely leading man material.
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    Luke is hilarious.