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    • Luke: I'm going to be 37 next week. Do we have a biological clock, guys? I feel like I do. Something is definitely ticking.

    • Luke: (on brother Owen) He kind of tends to control things. I'd say he's the Tony Soprano of the family.

    • Luke: I remember as a kid my older brother Owen telling me that if I folded down the waistband of my underwear and wore them on the outside, people would think I was wearing a bathing suit. So I did it, but I don't remember anyone thinking it was a bathing suit.

    • Luke: (on what makes him laugh) I can go for real dry humor, or I can go for super goofy. I know the best times I've had in the business are being around people like Will Ferrell, genuinely funny people who make you want to kid around.

    • Luke: (When told that he seems to be cast as the sort of guy whose shoulder girls cry on) Well, I am a solid guy. That seems to be something I've been saddled with in Hollywood, not that that's a bad thing. But I have had people I've gone out with say, 'You're not as nice as you are in the movies. You're nothing like the guy in Legally Blonde, you're actually a jerk'. And I've said, 'That's life'. Nah, it's just something I've ended up doing.

    • Luke: (When asked if he'd ever gone to a girl's house and had her parents react badly) I like to put my best foot forward and be funny and say something… and then realise it's offensive, try to explain it, and dig myself a deeper hole and finally there I am at the dinner table in a horrible mistake. But I've never had it happen too badly. I have had a few dads take me aside and tell me they love their daughters very much and what am I getting at?

    • Luke: (revealing he acts drunk so well by actually drinking) There's a fine line between being sloppy and just feeling relaxed. If you're doing a drunk scene all day, you can't start drinking at eight in the morning and keep it up till eight at night. But those last three hours? That's when I tell the director to shoot my close-up, because I'm gonna be bombed.