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  • Luther Vandross was an all American Icon. people from all backgrounds social , economical , and political could enjoy a song from this all time greats. He made music that was wholesome and clean for all ages. He will be greatly missed in the hearts of man

    Luther Vandross Honor to you

    As a kid I remember mommy playing you on the record player and I would love sitting on the hard wood floor singing along.
    As I got older I was able to understand that your lyrics and melodies came from the heart and
    soul. Songs of love , relationships , friendships
    and life. I admire Luther Vandross for not following the majority and for staying true to R&B that is pure. His music will live on for generations to come and my kids and grandkids will know his name.
    A voice so pure it is like the whisper of an angel , An R&B legend - you will be remembered by millions for the positive outlook that you had on life and for sharing your life with the whole world through song.