Lydia Cornell

Lydia Cornell


7/23/1962, El Paso, Texas, USA

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Lydia Cornell has had extensive film, theatre and television career. She won the People's Choice Award for her portrayal of Sarah Rush on the ABC hit series "Too Close For Comfort." Lydia appeared in the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Othello," "As You Like It," "Ibsen," "Enemy…more


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  • Lydia Cornell is my favorite actress and comedienne and the most beautiful woman ever!

    Lydia Cornell is not only becoming more beautiful on the outside, and on the inside. She went from sitcom star and blonde bombshell sex symbol to an author, writer, radio host and superstar. Like Angelina Jolie, Lydia is so caring about the world, her blog really makes a difference in peoples' lives. Our brothers are In Iraq, and she sends the troops Care packages and has veterans on her show. One veteran sent her his Purple Heart for standing up to Ann Coulter. Lydia is a very funny comedienne and wrote a movie that she co-starred in with Deborah Van Valkenburgh called "Venus Conspiracy." I saw part of it on EXTRA and it was very funny. Lydia was on Curb Your Enthusiasm last year and really cracked me up. Her comedy timing is perfect. She is also getting more beautiful every year. Lydia Cornell is a role model for young girls.moreless