Lyle Talbot





2/8/1902 , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA



Birth Name

Lisle Henderson




Lyle Talbot, originally known as Lisle Henderson, was born on February 8th 1902 in Pittsburgh, before being raised in Nebraska. His career as an actor began when he worked in traveling tent shows, before he responded to a request for actors "who could talk" advertised by Hollywood directors who wanted to make the most of the emergence of movies with sound. In 1932, he appeared alongside Humphrey Bogart in Three on a Match, playing a gambler named Michael Loftus. Talbot found further success in Go West, Young Man and One Night of Love, before being dropped by Warner Bros for his activism with unions. The 1940s saw a return to acting for Talbot, when he started taking on supporting roles in low-budget movies. Later into the decade he played roles in larger films, such as Commissioner Gordon in Batman and Robin, and played Lex Luthor in Atom Vs. Superman. Talbot was the first live actor to play two DC Comic roles, and he was the founding member of the Screen Actors Guild. He died on March 6th 1996.