Lyle Waggoner





4/13/1935 , Kansas City, Kansas, USA

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Mr. Waggoner is the owner and operator of STAR WAGGONS INC. STUDIO LOCATION TRAILERS in Sylmar, CA. STAR WAGGONS INC. is the largest supplier of studio location rental trailers in the entertainment industry. While filming "Wonder Woman," Mr. Waggoner got the idea for his business. He recalled in an interview that the studio had rented a big trailer for him. He wondered if they would rent an even bigger trailer from him. He asked, they said yes, and so began his business, STAR WAGGONS INC. His company now provides more than 400 trailers to movie companies and studios.

Mr. Waggoner was the 'first' "Playgirl" centerfold in June, 1973.

Mr. Waggoner made his premiere appearance with "Ray and Sharon Courts' Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show" at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn in North Hollywood, California on October 5th and 6th, 2002.