Lynda Carter





7/24/1951 , Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Birth Name

Linda Jean Córdoba Carter




Lynda Carter is 5'9" tall and of Irish/Hispanic descent. She is the youngest of three siblings (one brother and one sister) and started performing as a singer with the band 'The Relatives' during high school. She later joined 'The Garfin Gathering with Lynda Carter' for more exposure. The act opened at the Sahara Hotel Lounge in Las Vegas for three months. Ms. Carter won the title of Miss USA representing her home state of Arizona in 1973. As a result, she also earned the opportunity to star in a film ("Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" with Marjo Gortner). She was cast as "Wonder Woman" in 1975, beating out the likes of Loni Anderson and Jaclyn Smith. Ms. Carter released a solo album entitled 'Portrait' in May 1978. She has two children (a boy and a girl) with her second husband, attorney Robert Altman (29 January 1984 - present). Her first husband was theatrical agent Ron Samuels (28 May 1977 - 1982, divorced). She created the company Potomac Productions of Sherman Oaks, CA which produced, among other films, "Lightning in a Bottle." The Production Company headquarters were moved to Potomac, MD and used to produce Carter's jazz tours in the second decade of the 2000s.  According to "CELEBRITY SLEUTH" magazine, the measurements of Ms. Carter's 'Wonder Woman' costume were 37 1/2C-25-35.

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