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  • Classic Beauty

    Lynda Carter is an amazing beauty best known for her role in the 70's Wonder Woman television show. what many people do not realize is that she is also an accomplished musician and vocalist. I have had the thrill to attend one of her shows in San Francisco and all I can say is she was Amazing, talented, gracious and puts on one heck of a show.
  • The only and the best Wonder Woman

    Lynda Carter is indeed the Wonder Woman made into flesh. She along with Christopher Reeve as Superman, one of the few actors/actresses that acomplished to convince the general audience that she was Wonder Woman and nobody questioned or doubted. When you see Lynda Carter on costume, you don't think about her as a looney in a funny costume. No, you see her and you! She is Wonder Woman! Also, she has a lot of elegance, charm and beauty. She is indeed the reason why the tv series is an unforgettable show.