Lynda Day George





12/14/1944 , San Marcos, Texas, USA

Birth Name




Lynda Day George is one of TV's best known actresses. She was cast in the 1960's in a string of romance films until she was spotted by television executive Aaron Spelling, who casted her in the TV series "Mission Impossible" where she played Casey for three seasons and was nominated for a Golden Globe. She continued her work in television in a string of movies and a regular guest on "The Love Boat", "Fantasy Island" and "Charlie's Angles". In 1970, she married televison actor and western film star Christopher George after both co-starring with eachother in the romance film "The Gentle Rain" and the John Wayne major western film "Chisum". Both continued co-starring along eachother in other on screen and tv films including "Mayday at 40,000 Feet!", "Day of the Animals", "Cruise into Terror", "Pieces" and "Mortuary". She ultimatly gave up acting shortly after Christopher George's death of a heart attack in 1983. She continued doing guest appearances and religious programs, until she offically retired in early 1990. Today she is remarried and lives in Beverly Hills.