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Lynda Goodfriend





10/31/1953 , Miami, Florida

Birth Name




Lynda was born in Miami, Florida. Among her preparations for show business, she attended The Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop. Prior to landing the role of Lori Beth Allen in Happy Days, Lynda had a brief two-week career on Broadway.

Were it not for her role on Happy Days, her acting career would not be noteworthy at all. Today, she remains involved in show business as an agent, representing child actors.

Lori Beth Allen Cunningham was just Lynda's third role on TV, preceded by Ethel "Sunshine" Akalino on Blansky's Beauties and Angie Vitola on Who's Watching the Kids. Following Happy Days, she appeared in three movies, each one playing a minor role, each directed by Garry Marshall.