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  • another poor actress that thinks shes hotter than she is on a fake show

    realTV must be hard up for programing to have this bunch of clowns running around thinking they are above the law yes its fake but the crew drive me up the wall.fake isn't even the word for this piece of garbage the police have no shoulder flashes on their uniforms,just everything about it is terrible.this so called actress thinks shes the hottest thing since pam anderson sorry to tell you but your nothing to look at your over weight and your personality stinks.nothing wrong with a woman thats a little over weight they usually have a nice personality you have neither.enjoy your acting career on operation repo because when the show ends so does your acting career.they sau the show has been on for a few yrs well i was lucky enough not to view it until this year at first it was kind of the third time i watch it i turned the channel,these people must work for little or nothing because no one in their right mind would pay them for acting.get this terrible bunch of goofs off of tv even bugs bunny would be more interesting than this junkmoreless