Lynn Bari





12/18/1913 , Roanoke, Virginia, USA



Birth Name

Margaret Schuyler Fisher




Lynn Bari was born Margaret Schuyler Fisher on December 18, 1913, in Roanoke, Virginia. Bari first became interested in acting when she enrolled in theatric classes in Boston. She didn't take the classes because she wanted to be an actress, she took the classes because she wanted an acting teacher to help her eliminate her thick southern accent. Bari appeared in over 100 films during her acting career, however, most of her roles were uncredited extra roles. Despite her beautiful good looks and undeniable sex appeal, Bari was usually typecast as a villainous seductress in mostly B-movies. Films Bari starred in include China Girl, Hello, Frisco, Hello and The Spirtualist. She also guest-starred on several sitcoms including City Detective and Overland Trail. In 1952, Bari starred in the short-lived NBC sitcom Boss Lady. Bari's last film appearance was in the 1968 film The Young Runaways. Lynn Bari died of a heart attack on November 20, 1989, in Santa Barbara, California.