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  • It was wonderful to see Lynn Hamilton on the screen again. I watched her on shows such as Sanford & Son, The Waltons, Port Charles, The Practice, and the list goes on and on. I look forward to seeing her in more shows.

    You can always tell when someone enjoys what they are doing and everything I have seen Lynn Hamilton in she pulls together that extraoidinary talent of hers and convincingly becomes that character. Her passion for the screen and theater certainly does show. Her performance in Cold Case "Libertyville" as Mary Chisolm had a big impact in starting out the investigation of the case.
    Ms. Hamilton has been in the entertaining arts for 50 years and never seems to tire with each and every performance she does. Most of her career has been given with bit parts in various shows, but her true talent expresses itself when she is on stage. She is an eloquent speaker in which I have witnessed at various reunion gatherings with The Waltons.
    I look forward to seeing her in more episodes of my favorite shows.