Lynne Harbaugh

Lynne Harbaugh

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  • I'm upset that a ten is as high as I can give her. She is way beyond that.

    Somebody dropped the ball. BIG TIME. Lady Lynne was the most awesome force to ever breeze through my television set and she hasn't been heard of for years, to my knowledge. What happened?

    Awesome. She played her role so well. ALL other " touched in the head women " bow and scrape at the feet of Lady Lynne, and that includes Kimberlin Brown, who I have the deepest admiration for, btw.

    Let me just say that she could kidnap me ANY day of the week. I'd go willingly. No doubt about it, she wouldn't need to keep me caged up. I would be a " willing victim. "

    Where is she now? Someone please tell me why a woman as beautiful and intense as Lynne Harbaugh is no longer acting. It makes no sense; she was so very talented. I miss Lady Lynne.

    Anyone with any information please contact me at