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  • "I did not steal your candy bar!"

    That was the last thing I heard her say on a commercial for some show. I really liked her as the Chief on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and when she was on this soap opera my mom used to watch. She had to dress up as the Fairy Godmother and sing the song. "I'll get all of you for this." So funny! I was sad when I found out she died.
  • Lynne acted in several movies and television programs. My favorite was the "District." As Ella Farmer she was the chief's guard, helped to keep him on track and most importantly knew and understood the people of her community. Very talented person, we hav

    Lynne Thigpen has starred in several movies and other various programs. The one that I remember the most is the movie called "The Warriors." Lynne was the the radio announcer, you never saw her face just the lower part of her face. But the voice is unmistakeable. I will never forget this fine person who just happened to be a great actor.