Lynsey Bartilson





7/1/1983 , Edina, Minnesota

Birth Name

Lynsey Marie Bartilson




A triple threat, Lynsey Bartilson was born on July 1, 1983 in Edina Minnesota. At the young age of two, she began begging her parents for dance lessons. They decided to wait a few years. When she was four they moved to Los Angeles, California and Lynsey began dance class. Dancing became her passion and still is today. By the time she was six she was taking ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics, all in which she excelled. When Lynsey was eight she started acting classes, another thing she excelled in. She then began participating in musical theater and landing leading roles in many plays. Lynsey has guest starred on many shows but is best known for her role as Lilly Finnerty on Grounded For Life. Lynsey now enjoys helping others in need. She is one of the founders of Kids On Stage For A Better Life and the International Spokesperson for Youth For Human Rights. Lynsey continues to live in Los Angeles with her family and dog Cash. She is also happily engaged to a film editor and director. In her spare time Lynsey enjoys taking classes, teaching, dancing, working on her music or hanging out with her friends.