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  • Gorgeous and talented

    Well there wasnt another review so I thought I'd write one!
    Lynsey rox! She is so beautiful and talented
    Grounded for Life is THE FUNNIEST show and Lynsey is brilliant as Lily
    Just got the first season on dvd, and plan to buy the rest soon.
    Anyway hope to see more of her! We dont really get any of her shows/movies here in Australia (except GFL)

    I saw Lynsey on an episode of NCIS which was cool :)

    anyway, this has to be 100 characters, and i dont know what to write so. yeah.
    word. word. word. word. word. word. word. word. word. word. word. word. word.
  • What a pistol!

    One'a the mos' talented, funny an' lovely people I've seen on television in years! Impeccable timing! She deserves more recognition! I mean, there's funny, an' then there's loveably funny an' she falls into the latter. She made Lily on 'Grounded' the best character on television; a character that it would have been easy to view as spoiled an' shallow, she revealed the vulnerability of an' made her into a girl you couldn't help but fall for. An' revealing a social sensitivity in her offstage life makes her stand apart from her peers that much more. Hope she stays in the limelight.
  • beautiful and talented

    I enjoyed watching her on grounded for life one of the things I liked is when her daddy was trying to talk to her and she would let out that loud scream and stomp up also think shes very cute.
  • Funny she was so funny on Grounded for Life as Lily everytime she was on it was so funny how can anybody not like her she was so funny Lynsey should have been much bigger in acting then she is Grounded for life was so good with her on the show!

    Lynsey is best knowen from her work with Grounded for Life and the X's on Grounded for Life she plays Lily the oldest daughter of Shawn and Claudia she is spoiled and always disrespects the others on the show this makes the show so funny how a teenage girl can scare everbody so much Lynsey started work on the animation the X's on Nick as Tuesday X I was so surprised to hear she played Tuesdays voice but after listening very carefully I chould tell it was her voice but anyway I rate Lynsey a 10 and my classification says it all she should have been a bigger star!
  • Lynsey Bartilson was so funny on Grounded for Life.

    I don't know why, but I liked Lynsey on Grounded for Life. To tell the truth, her character on the show was venomous, abrasive, materialistic, self-centered and manipulative, all the things that would get a real girl shipped off to boarding school, but she was also cute, funny, charming and just a little sexy. With her trademark screech, Lynsey quickly became one of my favorite actresses. I think she would do great in a horror movie, particularly if she plays the sort of character who becomes the possessed, wise-cracking princess of darkness who throws her friends around like ragdolls and terrorizes the city. She's does evil so well, and she really made me afraid of her, but yet, she is always the center of attention. I'm so hoping she gets a new series because she's one of those actresses you hope doesn't go away for a long time.