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  • Lynsey Bartilson was so funny on Grounded for Life.

    I don't know why, but I liked Lynsey on Grounded for Life. To tell the truth, her character on the show was venomous, abrasive, materialistic, self-centered and manipulative, all the things that would get a real girl shipped off to boarding school, but she was also cute, funny, charming and just a little sexy. With her trademark screech, Lynsey quickly became one of my favorite actresses. I think she would do great in a horror movie, particularly if she plays the sort of character who becomes the possessed, wise-cracking princess of darkness who throws her friends around like ragdolls and terrorizes the city. She's does evil so well, and she really made me afraid of her, but yet, she is always the center of attention. I'm so hoping she gets a new series because she's one of those actresses you hope doesn't go away for a long time.