Mablean Ephriam

Mablean Ephriam


4/23/1949, Hazlehurst, Mississippi, USA

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Mablean Paxton, Judge Mablean Ephriam, ESQ
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Trivia and Quotes

  • I think Mablean is one of a kind. ORIGINAL! The new judge cannot hold a candle. Bring Mablean BACK! The show lost a lot of it\'s flavor when Mablean left. She has the years of experience that sets her apart from the rest.moreless

    I think Mablean made the show what it is! Not just anybody can pull it off. She offers her brand of wisdom and her brand of knowledge blended with humor, honesty, sincerity and spoken like a lady whose been there before. A big part of the show\'s appeal is just her style and her presentation. I was one of the show\'s biggest fan (and that speaks volume, considering I\'m not a big TV fan). Let me watch TV again. Bring Mablean back! She deserves everything she ask for! ...and more!moreless
  • I love the judge. I love the way she talks to the couples. She is understand and I would love to meet her one day!

    She is the best. There are plenty of court room drama on tv but I love her especially because alot of her cases you can realte to because she has been there. It is always good to to be able to relate to the people and know when to recognize when a marriage can be saved and when its doomed. I really can appreciate her for the woman that she is. I hope that other women out there will speak up and say the same.moreless