Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin


8/26/1980, New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Macaulay Carson Culkin


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Macaulay Culkin is an American actor. He was born on August 26, 1980, in New York, New York USA as the third of seven children to Christopher "Kit" Caulkin, a former stage actor and Patricia Brentup. Macaulay first started acting at the age of 4, appearing in Bachmore


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    • Macaulay: People still recognize me all the time on the street. The first thing they say when they stop me is, "Where have you been?" The second comment they make is always, "Oh You've grown up." I'm not one of those actors who needs the media spotlight all the time to feel gratified. I'm happy to do one project a year and take the rest of the year off as long as the project is special.

    • Macaulay: I had all the fame anyone could want, and I ran away from it.

    • Macaulay: Most of the offers I get from Hollywood are for teen comedies. My manager thinks I'm crazy for turning down all that money, but I'm very picky. I'd made enough made money by the time I was 12 to never work again, so it's not about a big pay check with me. It's about finding unique, one-of-a-kind films that I would want to see myself. I think Party Monster is one of those.

    • Macaulay: Acting found me. I thought maybe I should try to find it again. We'll see.

  • Weird.

    I do not think that he is a bad person, but I have to say that he is awfully odd and weird. I always thought he was a decent actor, but personally, he is just off the wall. I remember seeing him on Home Alone, and he was hilarious. The second one wasn't nearly as good, but it was entertaining. As a person, he has said some bizarre things and has also done some really crazy stuff. I have wondered why he does and says some of the things he does. Overall, he is a decent actor, but kind of weird. Thank you.moreless
  • Star of Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2...

    Macaulay Culkin is probably best known for his role as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. These two movies are probably my favorite movies of all time. They're funny and conniving. It's hard to believe a child could plan and carry out all those pranks by himself, but they were still really good movies. I'm sad to say that those are the only 2 movies I'm seen him in. I thought he did a really nice job back then, and I'm disappointed to learn that he doesn't wish to carry out the fame and continue to do more movies. Hopefully, he will change his mind soon.moreless