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  • she is one of the greats that should have been biger truly

    she is soo talnted she should had been biger all time great love her she did so well in 7th heaven and she is just so amezing and talentid she is just soo amezing amezing amezing she is one of the greats that should have been biger truly truly truly truly truly truly truly TRULY gotta love her and did you now she is dateing her old costar peter in relle life and she is just amezing i am running out of words to say my all time fav boyfrinds she had on the show was ssoo t - bone and peter
  • she is a really good.. wierd thing im 8 days older then here and we were both born in SC charleston crazy i know..

    she was my fave she started when she was young and grew on the show which made it more special for her and i bet she would love to bring it back if it was possible i mean come on this show that she was on 7th heaven was in all time family favorite tell me when the airing ratings went down ?? yeah the show was the longest running show it could still be going on.. look at the way it was ended thats not fair we should get to know how there trip goes and everything it would be GREAT if they brought the show back
  • she is awesome!

    i love mackenzie! she is such a great actress, but person... idk. i have heardbthat she has a son and that she is not that great of a person. idk if i believe it. but i wish i could find out the real her. she seems really cool! i would do any thing to meet her! but i realllllllllllllly want to know who she really is. cuz you hear that like hilary or britney and cgristina, u know who they are. but i want to know who mack is! she is reall famous but she is credited enough, i think. there should be more ideos of interviews and stuff on youtube of her and more articles about her. so that ppl really know who they are looking up to and an idol. but i think she is like my fav actress! lol! mack rules!
  • she is so talented!

    mackenzie rosman is a very talented actress. i started watching 7th heaven from the very first season, when mackenzie was only six, and until now when she\'s 16 or 17. throughout the series you can see how much she has grown and matured into a young lady. i am almost the same age as her, and it seems like we have grown up together. because i know that i have changed a lot from back then too. well i hope that mackenzie stars in more tv shows and maybe even some movies. and i wish her all the best for the future.
  • Very talented young actress!!!

    Mackenzie Rosman is very young actress! And she is so talented and beautifull! I know her from her role in show '7th Heaven'! She played (or still plays....) young simpatic Ruthie Camden!!! I love Ruthie 'cause she is so intelligent, cute, and interesting!!! Also Mackenzie is that too!!! She has only 17, and she has all the qualities!!! Good for her!
  • I think that Mackenzie Rosman is very talented.

    Mackenzie Rosman is very talented. I think she is a very good actress. The difference between her and the Brino boys is that she had to audition for a role on 7th Heaven, whereas they were chosen as infants. Don’t get me wrong, they are good too, its just that Mackenzie had more lines to say for that very reason. Her character on 7th Heaven can be described many different ways. A few of them are perky, sneaky, rebellious, and cute. She goes from being the adorable little sister to the confident young woman in the 10th grade in high school. Overall, she is a very good actress and should be able to get jobs after 7th Heaven is through.
  • Is a very talented actress who should be treated much better. I mean, they treat her really poor in the magazines and she is only 14! She is a really good actress!

    Is a very talented actress who should be treated much better. I mean, they treat her really poor in the magazines and she is only 14! She is a really good actress! She rocks! I mean, 7th Heaven is an OK show. If Mackenzoe Rosman were in The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, well, I'd be set for life! And Mackenzie is so pretty. I love her hair, She is sweet, pretty, a good actress, and she is really funny. She has cool style and is a really good actress. I am not a HUGE fan of 7th Heaven though.
  • she is great actress

    she is great,pretty,taleted,can act,good model! very good on 7th heaven! she is great! i cant wait to see Seventh heaven for its 7th season. I love her voice, it is so great, and all of the above, go mackenzie. her parens must be proud. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i ii i iii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii think she is great in any way ! go mackenzie!
  • shes awsome.. from a little girl till now

    mackenzie has been acting since she was a little girl from the age of 5 till now she has grown up on that show like they were her family she knows how 2 act and she does a good job everytime she does it i love how she plays ruthie she is such a good actress and she is soooooo pretty to she was soooo adorable as a little gilr but she grew up even more pretty as a yound adult
  • Mackenzie has only improved with age!

    Mackenzie Rosman has proven over the years that she is an extremely talented actress that only gets better as she matures. Many child stars fall on there face by the time they hit the teenage years. Mackenzie has proven that she can mature and be just as talented as a teen as a child. I have loved watching Mackezie grow as Ruthie grew up. I think in the character of Ruthie over the past 10 seasons we have also got to see one of the most talented young stars today grow up. I didnt think it was possible for Mackenzie to be better today than when she was the adorable little Ruthie spying on everyone. But this young lady has proven only to be more beautiful and talented as the time went on.
  • Mack is awsome!

    I have watched 7th heaven since the begining.I can't believe what a great actress she has be come. In the early years of the show she had great comedic timing, and now that she has gotten older she is doing more dramatic work in her acting. I believe she should have her own show. She is good at bher craft and should keep acting as long as she wants. I know she will have a following of fans of any and every age that will be anxiose to see what she is up to next. I will miss 7th heaven!
  • A finger with a face sharpied on would be a better actress!

    Mackenzie Rosman is probably the worst actress I've ever seen. She lacks emotion and talent. I can't understand how people can like her. On 7th Heaven she brings the whole show down (not that it can get much lower). Even when the writers give her a scene where a 2 year old could do it, she messes it up! I mean, come on! Maybe she was cute at 5, but she really needs to grow up and get acting lessens. A finger with a face sharpied on would be a better actress!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACK!!!!!! You rock! Mack is above a 10!

    Mackenzie Rosman is so talented and such a great actress. People have got to see her grow up and enjoyed it too. I\'m writing this on her b-day so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACK!!!!!! She is so talweented and chariming. She is such an amazing actress. She isw like a role moddle to people. Mack rocks!!!!!!!
  • I think Mackenzie Rosman is a wonderful actress. She has entertained me for many years and is a very beautiful young lady. I would love to be able to meet her someday.

    She is one of my personal favorites for a "child"
    actress. I know after the show she will go on to do many great things and will someday become a top actress whether she be one on TV or in movies. I've enjoyed her for many years on my favorite show 7th Heaven and I hope to see she will stay with acting for many years to come. I hope I get to meet her one day - I'm 16 too and about the same age so hopefully I will get to meet her one day. She is one of the best child actresses ever and I think she will always be a great actress for many more years to come.
  • She is beautiful and a very talented actress. She should have no trouble moving on to bigger and better things once the show ends.

    Mackenzie Rosman is the type of actress which rarely is seen with these neverending stream of television shows and not-so-good movies. She has clearly demonstrated her talent for acting with her role as Ruthie Camden on 7th Heaven and she is extremely beautiful. She shows compassion for others and gets involved in many charities not for the sake of looking good for the press but because she wants to. She also looks out for her family and even had her sister katelyn appear on the show for a special on Cystic Fibrosis. She should have no trouble finding work when her show ends with that much acting experience and that sheer talent and good looks.
  • Mackenzie Rosman is a great actress. i think she should do some work beyond 7th heaven. on 7th heaven she prooves to be funny, attractive, dramatic, she can do it all.

    7th heaven is getting boring to me now, but i guess overall my favorite character on the show is ruthie. in real life mackenzie is only 20 days younger than me, and she is a good actress. when she was little, i used to not stand her. but she got better as she got older. she needs to move on from this show, do some new things. and not things so \"church\" boundaried. i mean she can do things more bad like the last thing she would ever do is swear on that show, and that makes it boring and typical. she is a very pretty actress, i think she might get bigger as she grows older. . . . . .
  • i think she is soooo awesome!!!!!!!!

    i think mackenzie rosman is so awsome i want someone to give her a show. although i dont want her to quit 7th heaven. someone else should give her a movie contract, so she can be a big movie star like julia roberts or will smith. mackenzie rosman have a certain ora or a certain cleaness like she doesnt wear reveling clothes or pose nude (no offinse jessica). she only stars in clean family orintaded movies and tv shows like 7th heaven. i really want mackenzie to become a big movie star (she has the potintial) and when she does i just hope she doesnt change and become big headed or wear sexy things that she shouldnt be wearing at the age of 15.

    p.s. check out these sites if you really like mackenzie........go to and type in mackenzie rosman so you can see sites on her. or if you want pics (pictures) go to ask jeeves( and click on pictures and then type in mackenzie rosman.

    thanks for reading my review.

    with love,

  • Mac is a great actress!

    Ruthie sure has a lot of talent. I think she is a great character on 7th heaven. No one can play her role better then she can. I love Ruthie. She is great at what she does. I love how she knows everything about everyone. You can always count on Ruthie to know what the problem is. I think that she should date Martin. Them two look so cute together. They would make a great couple. I also think her and Lucy should communicate more to each other this season because last season seemed like they were ignoring each other. Keep up the great work Ruthie! luv ya.
  • Definitely shows potential to be a big star.

    I like the classification should have been a bigger star, that really sums it about her. Honestly I've always been a Mackie fan, she always seemed to stand out from her little troubled family on 7th Heaven. Right now shes on the top of my new list as people I want to see in a big screen film next year, I'll put that up as my new blog entry later. And last thing I must say is that she is a really good looking person, so she definitely can be a big star, and is also one of my personal favorites.
  • She is so good. She was really, really, really great as Ruthie on 7th heaven. She brought exitment and spunk to her character and to the show. I mean come on she was only 7 when she started doing 7th heaven. Not to mention that she is really pretty.

    She is so good. She was really, really, really great as Ruthie on 7th heaven. She brought exitment and spunk to her character and to the show. I mean come on she was only 7 when she started doing 7th heaven. Not to mention that she is really pretty. She is also talented and should have been a bigger star. There are people way worse than her but also way more famous and better known. She is so funny to watch. Good Job and keep it strong Mack!
  • Mackenzie Rosman is a great actress.

    Mackenzie Rosman is a great actress. I can honestly say that there are a lot of characters on TV that started out great for the part, but didn't play the older more mature character as well. Mackenzie is defenitley not one of them. The sad thing is, most people don't know who she is. They know who Ruthie Camden is, but not who Mackenzie is. There are plenty of other actresses that are way worse then Mackenzie and everyone knows who they are. That stinks, because she is one of the best.
  • Mackenzie should have her own tv show! she is just so amazing and shouldnt have to sit back and wait for all of this to happen.

    Mackenzie has so much talent! ever since she was a little girl she had so much talent! she is just amazing playing ruthie and i dont think anyone would be able to replace her! she is just all around amazing and should hav her own tv show! she would be so great and would get lots of great reviews!
  • wow

    mackenzie rosman is hot and sexy. her beauty is underrated.mackenzie rosman is my favorite young actress and needs to be in theater on big name films. mackenzie rosman is talented and she is going to be big timing if she hits the big screens. under my score cards she get a ten. and um yeah i like her.
  • Mackenzie Roseman sure has talent.

    On 7th Heaven she started out as a cute funny girl and changed to a mature and funny young lady. Mackenzie Roseman (as Ruthie) shows lots of emotions in 7th Heaven. An example is 5-7 Bye. When Ruthie does her line about how she is at the wrong meeting and stops of its amaizing. She has many other good lines. Her character has great line but she's the spark that brings Ruthie to life.