Mad Mike

Mad Mike

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Michael Martin



Also Known As

Mike Martin
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  • Mad Mike pimps rides, and is the best actor on Pimp my Ride.

    Everyone knows Mad Mike as the electronics person on the hit MTV television series \'Pimp My Ride.\' He is very thought provoking on this show and is also the only good actor on this show. I personally think he is great and if he wasn\'t caught up with his job at GAS and West Coast Customs, he might be a good enough actor to star on a sitcom or movie. On the show \'Pimp my Ride\' he is one of the only people who are well known for their skills and not just a person who is in the show. Everybody that I know looks forward to Mad Mike and putting his electronics skills to test it cars. If I got my car done at GAS, I wouldn\'t say \"Thanks MTV for Pimpin\' my Ride.\" I would say \"Thanks Mad Mike for making my ride more entertaining\"!moreless
  • This guy is off the chain. He is so very talented. Mad Mike has talents and skills of no other man. I hope and wish when I grow up to be just like him.moreless

    Mad Mike is the bomb. I asked him questions that only a mad Genius would know. He answered them flawlessly. I could only wish that other installers took the time that Mad Mike does with each customer. He sits and figures out what the customer wants, then without hesistation he does a perfect job. I\'ve seen his work in the magazine and on tv, But to see him in person at Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys California. It was just great. I will be returning there just to visit. Or maybe Mad Mike can once again do his Magic. cmimadmike dot com is his website.moreless