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    • Madam Suzette: (On what her job is at Moonlite BunnyRanch) Well, I am the general manager and we're a 24-hour business, so I am on call 24-7. I do work a lot of hours (about 65 hours every week) and when I'm off, I'm still on call. I make sure that we have cashiers, bartenders, housekeeping, drivers, maintenance people and then also the girls. I get hundreds of applications and thousands of e-mails a day from girls trying to get in here to work. I only have 28 rooms, so we are very selective. There's no way I could talk to everybody, but I do answer everybody's e-mail and then hopefully they will also get a phone call back from Dennis or I for a little talk over the phone. That's when we explain how things work and how they can start working here, so they can make all the money and start having fun.