Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein


10/9/1960, West Islip, New York, USA



Birth Name

Adam John Blaustein



Also Known As

Adam Blaustein, Addie Blaustein
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She is the second of five children and has a twin sister, Gaby. Her younger brother is Jeremy Blaustein.


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    • Maddie: I wouldn't work for TAJ even IF 4Kids would keep me on. As far as PUSA goes? I'm on 3 shows now at 4Kids --at the time they had a chance to hire me --I was only on Pokemon. So, I'd say that at THIS point I wouldn't leave --and I'll even admit it's unlikely I'd have traded working for 4Kids for working at TAJ at any point. I have no animosity, however, towards PUSA. I don't even know them or have ever even spoken with anyone from PUSA.

    • Maddie: (When asked why she remains at 4Kids) Has it occurred to you that I like 4Kids as a company? That I do actually believe that the anime is in the best hands at 4Kids? You are free to disagree with me on those points, and if I thought as you do that 4Kids were an evil monster corporation out to destroy rice-balls just for the heck of it--my thoughts on the matter might be different.

    • Maddie: (About Team Rocket when asked if they are truly evil) Team Rocket are the good guys. The Twerps are the villains. Duh.

  • Excellent voice actress.

    Very talented. She's my favorite Meowth (she is the best) and her range is unparalleled in the role. She delivers the goods and then some. What can I say? I love Maddie Blaustein's voice over work. It's classic and she did such a great job at Meowth, Solomon Moto/Mutoh, and Sartorious. R.I.P. Maddie, you're the best!
  • Good voice actress.

    Maddie Blaustein is a wonderful voice actress; she is very talented! She plays one of my most favorited characters of all time: the smart, evil member of Tean Rocket, Meowth, on the hit show Pokemon. I don't think anyone else could put their heart into voicing a character so much as Blaustein does. She is the one and only voice for sweet, little Meowth.

    It honestly sucks that 4Kids lost the rights to dub the show with the good voice actors. I feel bad for Maddie, that after all the hard work dubbing hundreds of episodes and a few movies, she just gets kicked to the crub.moreless