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  • Excellent voice actress.

    Very talented. She's my favorite Meowth (she is the best) and her range is unparalleled in the role. She delivers the goods and then some. What can I say? I love Maddie Blaustein's voice over work. It's classic and she did such a great job at Meowth, Solomon Moto/Mutoh, and Sartorious. R.I.P. Maddie, you're the best!
  • Good voice actress.

    Maddie Blaustein is a wonderful voice actress; she is very talented! She plays one of my most favorited characters of all time: the smart, evil member of Tean Rocket, Meowth, on the hit show Pokemon. I don't think anyone else could put their heart into voicing a character so much as Blaustein does. She is the one and only voice for sweet, little Meowth.

    It honestly sucks that 4Kids lost the rights to dub the show with the good voice actors. I feel bad for Maddie, that after all the hard work dubbing hundreds of episodes and a few movies, she just gets kicked to the crub.
  • She's incredibly funny! My absolute favorite!

    Oh, I LOVE her!

    She's probably the sweetest person on this entire planet and I love talking to her. :) I can't get enough of her voice! She's the best Meowth ever! (Sorry Jimmy Zoppi) I hope she will be able to voice him again, because it just doesn't seem right, now. I especially love her singing. Maddie is VERY funny and when she tells jokes, you can't help but laugh out loud. Her voice is incredibly unique. I would pay a fortune to see her on stage! If you need a happy maker, forget tablets! Take some Maddycine! *LOL* It helps a lot, I swear!
  • Maddie Blaustein is very interesting.

    Cast as many roles on various shows, and with a talent that is average to above. Maddie Blaustein's personality is much worse than alot of the characters she potrays. Going so far as to claim ownership of some of the roles she has potrayed, and slandering other shows and actors. Even worse, manipulating her fans to push to sabotage negotations to air is show, to suit her personal grudges.

    When putting her professional misconduct aside, she has a unique voice, that is mostly cast for comedic and older characters. She has recently made a breakout in her role as Satotious in Yu-Gi-Oh GX, with a sinister villianous voice. But outside of this, Maddie basically plays the same voice over and over.
  • Unique.

    Maddie Blaustein may not be my most favorite voice actor and I may not know why I suddenly decided to write a review for her all of a sudden, but I do know one thing: Maddie Blaustein is a great and very unique voice actor. Switching genders may not be the coolest thing, but you should respect that, for she provides great voices for unique characters. When you need a tough female voice, Maddie Blaustein will be there, when you need a deep feminine voice, Maddie Blaustein will be there, when you just need a not-so deep male voice, Maddie Blaustein is also there. The point is Maddie Blaustein is a good voice actor, although I may be pushing a few points a little too far.