Madeline Zima

Madeline Zima


9/16/1985, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Madeline Rose Zima



Also Known As

Maddie, Mad, Madsters
  • Center (seated) David Duchovny as Hank, ...
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Actress Madeline Zima was born on September 16, 1985 in New Haven, Connecticut to Dennis and Marie Zima. Her younger sisters, Vanessa and Yvonne, are actresses as well. She became a child actor at 23 months of age, appearing in a Downey commercial among others. After a handful…more


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    • Madeline Zima: I would love to be a director. Steven Spielberg-watch out! Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies. The movies I direct will have more romance in them.

    • Madeline Zima: (about acting in the show, The Nanny) I feel very lucky because the cast is wonderful, and I love to act. It's fun pretending to be someone else. In real life, I'm just a regular kid with two younger sisters.

    • Madeline: (about her communication with teachers at a public school) People think it's weird. They think I have no friends because I'm not around other kids.

    • Madeline Zima: (about being homeschooled) Is a lot less pressure. And you get to spend time with yourself, to find out who you really are.

    • (Talking about A Cinderella Story)
      Madeline: Let's take a minute and reflect on the things we've been through while shooting this movie. Well, we were waxed. We went through a car wash with actual wash rollers hitting us over and over again in the soapy suds for two days.

    • Madeline: I love drama, I feel that that's much easier. They say that dying is easy and comedy is hard. Comedy is definitely more challenging but I love doing both.

    • Madeline: I'm a huge dork, trying to please all the wrong people.

  • So much better than Lindsay Lohan. No wonder she was the director's choice to star in Parent Trap.

    I cannot wait to see Madeline in Californication, all grown up and doing a quality show, by all accounts. She although not overexposed like her Lohanesque peers, actually has the acting chops and charisma to be a star. Why do we reward the drunken drug slobs like Lohan instead of the low key hard working people with real talent like Madeline?