Madison Lintz

Madison Lintz


5/11/1999, Orlando, Florida

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Madison comes from an acting family that includes her mother Kelly Collins-Lintz, Matthew, Mackenzie and Macsen.

Madison's early career has been made up of radioand tv commericals. Recently though, she has found her first major role as Sophia Peletier on The Walking Dead.


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    • Madison: (on her problems with being a zombie) I didn't go to zombie school. There was dead bodies from the people before that came out of the barn. And I had to step over them and I kind of stepped on their hands and kicked their heads. Oh, I'm so sorry.

    • Madison: (on her character Sophia) Her dad died in Season One, so she's still shaken up. She's worried that will happen to her mom too so she clings to her.

    • Madison: (on her character Sophia and her run in with a zombie) I really was scared..of that zombie. She deals with it at first like hysterical and then she just trying to get away and that's all she's focused on.

    • Madison: (on her Walking Dead character interacting with another child character) Carl and Sophia are thrown together in an unlikely friendship. They are portrayed as two children who seek to each other out among the band of survivors who are mainly adults. Hopefully, you'll see more of this friendship Develop in the future!

    • Madison: (on acting on The Walking Dead) It has helped me greatly because the entire cast is so talented. Just watching them has helped me to do my job better. I also have a better idea of what it's like to be on a professional tv set and what that's like.

    • Madison: (on her Walking Dead character Sophia) Sophia is a young girl who is living in a very scary nightmarish time. She and her mom and dad have escaped the city and are living in a camp with many others to try to hide from the zombies.