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  • A great singer

    I heard the name Madonna many years ago.At that time,she already was a super star.But I didn't pay attention to her until now,through a magazine,which introduces Madonna and her album Hard Candy released in 2008.In the article,it says Madonna fans will like this album,it is rhythmic.I agree because I started listening to it.I like the rhythm written by Justin very much.As a excellent singer,her age doesn't affect her voice.I heard lots of people say,"Wow,we thought she was twenties!"Now I start to listen her songs and notice her news.And I feel I will be her fan,she is such a great artist.Hope she could release more and more albums.
  • The Queen Of Pop

    Now I must say this before I go on: I love her older music. I don't think she should be should be doing songs with pop star, Justin Timberlake.

    Madonna is known by almost anybody for her 80's appeal and fun songs, back then, that was. I don't know what to really say about her as a person, but her music is jut awesome!

    Her personality just doesn't fit her. I think her divorce with Richie made her image rise to popularity again.

    I'm sad there isn't any other people willing to make music like Madonna today. Well let's just be thankful that there was one: only one Madonna
  • Might not have success in Acting, but is one of the best entertainers in the whole.

    If you hate Madonna, then you hate her as a person, not her career. She has more top ten hits than any other female in history. And has usher in the era where female sexuality is ok. She has set trends and created new sounds. No Madonna didn't create everything by herself, however, it was her who saw something billiant to bring to the public.
  • I realy love this Woman she works realy hard at what she does! and no one can touch her when it comes to that!

    I realy love this Woman she works realy hard at what she does! and no one can touch her when it comes to that! I am listing to Die another Day!!!! alot of people dont knpw how much I lover! and to all the people that didnt give her a good review!! i just want to say that you are enitiled to your own opion but when it come to Madonna you are wrong! she is one of the best artist of her genaration and she keeps at it no matter how old she gets!!! I realy love her and i hope that she keeps at it!
  • empty

    Madonna is friggin brilliant! And no matter what, always has been. She's so strong, and gorgeous, and sooo much more! She is my biggest influence, one of my heroes. I LOVE HER !!
  • Madonna is one of the hottest singer ever! She was born Madonna Ciccone on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. She came on the scene in the 1980's.

    I was a fan of hers, since her self-titled debut album came out in 1983, when I was two years old. I was a child of the 80's, listening to her songs. I was a teen of the 90's, listening to her hits. I still listen to her new material right now. I remember seeing one of her music videos on MTV, VH1 in the 80', 90's, and today on youtube. She is a nurtured mother to her two children. I adore her long blonde hair and perfect make-up. I am glad she cleaned up her act right now.
  • She hangs up...

    Madonna is probably the best known singer on the planet and she is the queen of pop. She published tons of albums and made tons of movies. Therefore she showed that her acting and singing skills are not too bad.
    She currently published a new album 'Confessions On A Dancefloor' with famous songs such as 'Hung Up', 'Sorry' and 'Jump'.
  • She's 48????

    Madonna is a very beautiful and talented singer. She hasn't gotten old. Now I've heard that her Confessions Tour is causing controversy. So what? Madonna has always been creating controversy. It is freedon of speech. People like Don Wildmon, who complained for her "Like A Prayer" music video, is now doing it again.I feel bad for Madonna. Just because she has a mock crucifixion on her concert doesn't mean that she should be censored. What about the non-christians? We should be able to watch it uncensored. It'll be another The DaVinci Code thing again. Somebody help Madonna out of this thing!
  • This woman has problems.

    This woman has problems. She can't sing, and I only like her because she sang REALLY good songs back in her Holiday days. Hung Up stinks and no one really likes it. Madonna has problems and she just wants to look younger than she is. I don't really like her and she wore 10 million dollars worth of diamonds at the Oscars or something. Aly and AJ can sing better. I mean, 10 MILLION dollars? I really don't think Madonna is cool, a good singer, or has much of a brain at all. Madonna has issues and her only good song was Borderline.
  • Still amazing after all these years.

    Madonna is by far my favorite performer, she has sustained fame for over 25 years and out shined all other artists that debuted around the same time as she did. She has totally secured her place in history alongside such Icons as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis she will forever be remembered. Early in her career when she was asked what she wanted to accomplish she simply answered "To rule the World" and while she may not be the president of a country she is most definitely Royalty in her own right and does indeed rule the musical world as the undisputed Queen of Pop. She is often imitated but will not and cannot be duplicated. The reason for her continued success is due to her talent yes but also because she has learned to become a chameleon, constantly changing into new persona's she never fails to amaze and intrigue.
  • one of the best ever.

    such beauty she has for a woman of her age. unlike cher who you can tell has had many many plastic surgies. no one has been able to revolutionize the music industy like madonna has. she is the one of the absolute best of all times. although her acting is bad, she makes up for it in her music. i think madonna should either get some acting lessons or try for better roles. what a great woman she is. her recent album American Life was a flop, however it contains some of her best work that many are missing out. it is not anti-american, ignore the critics.