Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen


Oesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Birth Name

Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen



Also Known As

Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen
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Mads Mikkelsen is a part of the great success the Danish film industry has had since the mid-90's. He starting out as a low-life pusher/junkie in the 1996 success "Pusher", and from then on he slowly grew to become one of Denmarks biggest movie actors. The success in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • His name is pronounced Mas 'Megelsn'.

    • Mads has two children, Viola and Carl, with his wife Hanne.

    • Mads is 5' 11¾" (1.82 m) in height.

    • Mads has a big brother named Lars Mikkelsen, he is also an actor.

    • Mads recently received the not so flattering award "guldkrukken" from a Danish gossip magazine. The award refers to his somewhat bad temper when it comes to the press. The magazine pointed out that Mads has gone from a Danish TV darling to an angry old man who refuses to be interviewed or have his picture taken if it's not on his terms. Whether or not Mads received this award because he sued the magazine for half a million Dkr. is unknown.

    • In the latest Bond film, "Casino Royal", Mads did most of the stunts himself, he was just sad he didn't get to do more, like jump out of a helicopter.

    • Mads was at the Toronto International Film Festival, promoting the Danish movie "After the wedding" where he got a lot of credit for his acting.

    • Mads was an elite gymnastic from age 9 to 20. He also plays handball.

    • Mads collects first edition cartoons albums - he has A LOT!

    • Mads finished his education as an actor in 1996 from "Århus Teater" (Århus Theatre).

    • In 2005 Mads was awarded with a "Bodil" (Danish movie award) for best male lead in the movie "Pusher 2"

    • From 2000 to 2003 Mads starred in the hit series "Rejseholdet" on the Danish national TV channel "DR1". The show aired 32 episodes and was a major success, being number 1 in its time slot for all 32 episodes.

    • Mads has starred in 16 Danish movies and two American ('King Arthur' and 'Casino Royale').

    • Mads Mikkelsen married Hanne Jacobsen on December 2nd in 2000. Hanne is Danish and works as a dancer.

    • In 2004, Mads Mikkelsen made his American movie debut in the movie "King Arthur", playing Tristan.

    • Mads made his big break-through in Danish film with the movie "Pusher" in 1996 where he played a minor role. In "Pusher III" he had the lead role.

    • Mads Mikkelsen stars in the Danish movie "Efter brylluppet" (2006) aka "After the Wedding" (International English title) which is going to be released in the USA in the spring 2007.

    • Mads Mikkelsen is in the latest James Bond movie, "Casino Royale", where he plays the evil Le Chiffre.

  • Quotes

    • Mads Mikkelsen (On his Casino Royale character, LeChiffre): Every good character, if it's good or bad, they have to have that dualism inside of them. If you play the baddie, you have to find something likeable about them, and that goes with the good guy as well, find something unlikable and that's what we tried to do with this one as well.

    • Mads Mikkelsen (On the audition process for Casino Royale): I couldn't make it for the first couple of auditions, because I was working on a revenge film in Prague, so I just thought that I might be number 2,000 on the list, but they kept calling me back three times. Eventually, I made it. I was dressed up and I was about to do a scene with Daniel [Craig], but at that time, they've all seen my work and they were quite busy, so I got the job without doing the casting, which was kind of an anti-climax, but still, I enjoyed that.

    • Mads Mikkelsen (On the Danish film industry): We make about 25 films a year. For a small country of 5 million people, it's good. They all have been released in theatres, strong governmental support. I think it enables us to make a lot of different films every year, and I think that's what makes a strong industry. We have like 35-40% of people watching films are Danish films and the rest will be American and English.

    • Mads Mikkelsen (At the Toronto film festival, Mads showed up to a interview in a wrinkled suit, and when the interviewer asked him if he couldn't get anyone to fix that he laughed and answered very humble): We are not used to that sort of thing in Denmark, there you have to take care of yourself.

    • Mads Mikkelsen (responding to a question asking if he thinks the movie "Casino Royale" will change his life): I think that it takes more than one movie to do that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. I'm sure people will recognise me but still believe I will be able to go on vacation.

    • Mads Mikkelsen: I would really like to jump out of a helicopter one day (as a stunt). In Denmark you can't make these big action movies, so i hope I get to do it somewhere else someday.

    • Mads Mikkelsen: I would like more action scenes - I am a former gymnast after all.

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  • Mads: A mass-ive Dutch Treat

    Mads (pronounced MASS)Mikkelsen is a devestating actor from Denmark. he has played villains in a number of films, most notably La Chriffre in Casino Royale (2006). He also had a pretty steady career in various Art House productions, but has found his ultimate tool of expression making Anthony Hopkins a non-entity as the new face of Hannibal Lecter. Hopkins owlish and inadequate performance is a Hammer-Seven Arts level clown show, compared to Mikkelsen's smooth inner quiet, backed up by apparent physical grace and power. Hugh Dancy, as the doctor's early friend and later pursuer, is also a study in turmoil as Will Graham, the empathic FBI Special Agent who is victimized as the Doctor's patient and eventual patsy.

    Both of these European actors throw themselves into their roles with great sensitivity and gusto, and will easily supplant any memory of others to play these roles in the past. I for one never believed Hopkins in the role--any old man I could likely take out with the stuff in my handbag is NO THREAT. Whereas I am pretty sure Mads Mikkelsen could kill me with his eyes and voice alone--and I'm pretty threatening, as women go.

    So, don't be a wimp, and check out this artistic and beautifully produced show--every frame looks like a painting by the Old Masters, in execution. Gorgeous. And may I praise showrunner Bryan Fuller, for not having any badly-written females on his show, either. lots of strong Women here, for fans of such. In truth, Hannibal, as interpreted by Mikkelsen, is in essence a female character--listen to how he expresses himself, and watch his face, and you will agree with me--he is simply a female imbued with the power and charisma of a true sociopath. Brilliant show!moreless