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  • #Mads Mikkelsen is as TALENTED AS THEY COME #HANNIBAL

    #MadsMikkelsen is the most versatile actor to date he cries you cry .. he's emotional you are also he chooses his roles doesn't ever just take a crap roll.. like most actors just to do it!! all of his movies are really great.. he pushes the envelope doesn't only do "safe" subject matter .. this man is brilliant and a great Humanitarian xoxo #RefugeesUnited #MadsMikkelsen is the Ambassador please donate !!

    #MadsMikkelsen Is the best #Hannibal Leckter ever !! watch #Hannibal you'll see NBC 10/9 central xxx
  • Mads: A mass-ive Dutch Treat

    Mads (pronounced MASS)Mikkelsen is a devestating actor from Denmark. he has played villains in a number of films, most notably La Chriffre in Casino Royale (2006). He also had a pretty steady career in various Art House productions, but has found his ultimate tool of expression making Anthony Hopkins a non-entity as the new face of Hannibal Lecter. Hopkins owlish and inadequate performance is a Hammer-Seven Arts level clown show, compared to Mikkelsen's smooth inner quiet, backed up by apparent physical grace and power. Hugh Dancy, as the doctor's early friend and later pursuer, is also a study in turmoil as Will Graham, the empathic FBI Special Agent who is victimized as the Doctor's patient and eventual patsy.

    Both of these European actors throw themselves into their roles with great sensitivity and gusto, and will easily supplant any memory of others to play these roles in the past. I for one never believed Hopkins in the role--any old man I could likely take out with the stuff in my handbag is NO THREAT. Whereas I am pretty sure Mads Mikkelsen could kill me with his eyes and voice alone--and I'm pretty threatening, as women go.

    So, don't be a wimp, and check out this artistic and beautifully produced show--every frame looks like a painting by the Old Masters, in execution. Gorgeous. And may I praise showrunner Bryan Fuller, for not having any badly-written females on his show, either. lots of strong Women here, for fans of such. In truth, Hannibal, as interpreted by Mikkelsen, is in essence a female character--listen to how he expresses himself, and watch his face, and you will agree with me--he is simply a female imbued with the power and charisma of a true sociopath. Brilliant show!
  • Incredible good actor

    Very underrated actor, a european gem!

    Very creepy but very interesting as Hannibal Lector.