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Maggie Ausburn was born on August 14, 1978, and is a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. She is known mostly for winning the American version of the hit reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005. Maggie worked her way through college, by working as…more

Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At the BB6 finale, when asked why she didn't miss James, Maggie said "He was mean! Very mean! All the time."

    • By the end of episode 27 on BB6, Janelle nominated Maggie and Ivette for eviction.

    • In episode 26 of BB6, Maggie chose not to use the POV and left Beau & Ivette on the block.

    • After morph-o-matic veto competition on BB6 Maggie said "I hope no one in this house decides to have children together."

    • While in the BB6 house Maggie said to April, "I want to keep you. Strategically, I shouldn't."

    • While in the BB6 house, Maggie said "Morals are a very unfortunate thing to have in this game, because our morals get in the way a lot."

    • Maggie won the Golden Power of Veto in a game called "Roll Me a Veto" on BB6.

    • When James is evicted from BB6 Maggie says to him in the taped good bye message "Ah! James, I really am an ER nurse! I'm not all those thigns you thought I was..."

    • When Janelle is on the phone with Michael for her America's Choice prize, maggie says to her "Ask him what the world's like."

    • In episode 22 of BB6, April chooses Maggie to play in the veto competition.

    • In the Veto Competition, "Big Brother Hockey Rink" on BB6, Maggie plays with Ivette.

    • During the Head of Household competition in episode 18 of BB6 Maggie is eliminated from the game first.

    • In one of the first-ever live nominations on BB6, Janelle nominates Jen and Maggie for eviction .

    • Maggie celebrated her birthday while in the BB6 house and received a birthday cake, as well as presents from K-Mart, like Sony PSPs and Digital Music Players, plus birthday greetings from home.

    • While in the BB6 house Maggie said, about evicting Kaysar after the America's Choice vote, "This is a way we can say this is our game, not America's."

    • While in the BB6 house, Maggie said "Jennifer is a storm that hasn't hit land yet."

    • In episode 16 of BB6 Maggie served as the game's hostess during the Veto Competition "Coasters."

    • During the HOH competition "Pressure cooker" on BB6, Maggie quit the game for what she later found out was a box of rotten eggs.

    • While discussing who might return to the BB6 house as winner of the America's Choice vote, Maggie said "I would be ecstatic if Eric came back. But I think I would have to run over Ivette to get to him first."

    • In episode 14 of BB6 the remaining houseguests design t-shirts advertising their pick for the America's Choice vote on who would return to the house. Maggie makes her shirt for Eric.

    • Maggie lost the food competition in episode 13 of BB6 and was left with a PB&J diet for the week.

    • At the Veto Ceremony in episode 11 of BB6, Sarah used the POV on James. Maggie nominated Janelle in his place.

    • While in the BB6 house, Maggie, referring to James, said "Is swearing on the Bible conditional? That's so awesome!"

    • Maggie was eligible to play in the luxury competition on BB6, however her team lost.

    • In episode 11 of BB6, Maggie chose to play with Beau in the veto competition.

    • When Maggie toured her Head of Household bedroom on BB6, the viewers discovered that her boyfriend's name is Dave, and that she has two dogs - Bailey and Kaluha.

    • While HOH on BB6, Maggie nominated Kaysar and James for eviction to avenge Eric's eviction from the prior week.

    • Maggie earns her spot as Head of Household in the game, "Power Roller" in episode 9 of BB6.

    • In episode 8 of BB6 Maggie picked Ivette to play in the Veto Competition.

    • Just prior to being nominated for eviction for the first time on BB6, Maggie said "I think that Kaysar will not nominate me. I will be very surprised if I am nominated."

    • Kaysar nominated James and Maggie for eviction in episode 7 of BB6.

    • Maggie ate chocolate snake during the Food Competition, called "Snack Shack from Hell" on BB6.

    • Maggie's boyfriend is in the same squad as Eric.

    • In episode 2 of BB6, Rachel picked Maggie to play in the Veto competition.

    • During her first week in the BB6 house, Maggie was on the winning team of the food competition and was spared a PB&J only diet for the week.

    • Maggie received her 4 winning BB6 votes from Jennifer, April, Howie and Rachel.

    • Maggie has said that she wouldn't do anything like BB6 again.

    • Maggie told that her original strategy upon entering the BB6 house was to just be herself and tell people what she thought all the time and just have fun, but that she abondoned that plan
      tje second she went in the house.

    • Since winning BB6 Maggie has implied that her she will share her winning by saying "We're not allowed to talk about that (splitting the money), but I am so sharing."

    • Maggie says she didn't audition for BB6; instead, Littmann, her friend and contestant, invited her to participate in a nonexistent stunt. That's when she was asked to become a house guest.

    • Maggie's brogher manages a vineyard.

    • Maggie moved to Las Vegas in 2002 with her firefighter boyfriend, their two English Mastiffs and 17-year-old bird, Max.

    • Maggie was born and raised in Sonoma County, California.

    • After winnin BB6 Maggie appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly with fellow housguest Janelle.

    • Maggie was the captain "Friendship" alliance on BB6.

    • Maggie was in the BB6 house for 11 weeks, or 80 days or 1,895 hours.

    • Maggie and Ivette Corredero were the last contestants left. Maggie won the $500,000 prize by a vote of 4-3.

    • The week after Maggie's partner Eric was evicted from BB6, Maggie won HOH and nominated Kaysar and James for eviction.

    • Maggie's BB6 partner, Eric, was evicted in week 3 causing Maggie's total possible prize money to drop from $1,000,000.00 to only $500,000.00.

    • Maggie's favorite alchoholic beverage is Malibu Rum, and her favorite non-alchoholic drinks are Diet Pepsi and water.

    • Maggie's favorite cookies are iced oatmeal and chocolate chip, and her favorite candy bar is a Snickers.

    • Maggie's favorite snacks are popcorn and watermelon flavored candy.

    • Maggie's favorite cereal is Craklin' Oat Bran.

    • Maggie's favorite sport to play is Baseball, and her favorite sports teams are the Boston Red Sox, and the New England Patriots.

    • Maggies favorite hobbies are outdoor activities, and her favorite outdoor activities are BBQ's and camping.

    • Maggie's favorite kind of music is "every kind except heavy metal" and her favorite band is The Dave Matthews Band.

    • According to her BB6 survey, Maggie has no favorite actors or actresses.

    • Maggie's favorite TV show is Law & Order.

    • Maggie's favorite film is The Usual Suspects.

    • Maggie is the winner of Big Brother 6.

    • Maggie and Eric are friends and partners in the game.

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