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  • She was so beautiful... but oh so boring...

    Maggie... concuerdo con mi amiga Lucilita en que realmente está buena (aunque estoy recontra podrido de la típica flaquita) pero no sé si mucho más que eso. Puedo perfectamnete imaginarme mi vida y Lost sin ella. Al personaje (Shannon Rutherford) no le saca el jugo suficiente y su muestrario de caras no llega a diez. Quizás podrían darle (podría ella) mas pimienta al personaje o pueda desarrollarse como actriz a medida que pasen los años, todavía es joven.
    Por favor los que voten dejen de lado su belleza o, al menos, no la tomen como lo más importante de Maggie Grace.
  • Nulpi

    Llena de estilo, dulzura y belleza. Shannon puede llegar a ser alguien con la cual me pueda llegar a identificar, Maggie es alguien con quien me identifico. No me apresuraría en decir que quisiera ser como ella porque apenas tengo algunos datos sobre su persona y apenas pude escucharla en un par de entrevistas pero veo cosas mías en Maggie y viceversa y si me encantaría actuar como y donde ella, obvio.
    De Shannon puedo decir que jugaría tanto como ella con Boone y que me quedaría tanto, al final, con el bueno de Sayid.
    Seguiré atenta su carrera desde aquí.
    Maggie Grace: Nulpi.
  • She was definitly my favorite character on LOST. she was a great actress!

    Especially on her last episode!
    SHe was in the remake of the FOG and even though it wasnt good, she was still GOOD! She is going to be in two more movies this year, Taken and The Jane Austen Book Club( which i know will get her noticed, she is stariing with Sarah Michelle Gellar and some other guy;) i hope she does really good with acting and i think she definitly has potential!!! i dont have anything else to say and i need to fill 100 words so now i am goint to write in jibberish!!! a a a a a a a a a a a a a a s sd a df, dsfs g adgh f hf
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    Maggie Grace is a very good actress. I like her and I like her style. She is very pretty and I think that she is one of the best actresses in the TV series, Lost, I would like her to be on more movies so that she can try different things, but still I think that she will do eventually. She is a great actress.
  • empty

    I only know Maggie Grace from her role of Shannon on "Lost," but based on that, I can say that she certainly has talent as an actress. I would like to see her land some film roles and branch out into comedy.
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    I really didn't want Maggie's character, Shannon to leave Lost. Yes she was annoying and spoilt but in the second season, I liked her more and more and now that she's gone, I want that annoying character back for a bit of fun.
  • Very Beatiful, Talented actor.

    Maggie Grace was one of the most talented actors on Lost.She was also the most Gorgeus, by far.She was great in Lost, you know she's perfect for her character of Shannon.You know shes a hot blonde who's really got that duh attitude.Maggie Grace has been in a few movies like the Fog,she really should be in more.Shes very underratted and has lots of talent.Maggie should be a bigger star.She really is good enough.I thought she was great in Lost.Then she got shot by anna-lucia.This was very dissapointing for me not to mention surprisingIt was really sad when her character died.I was really starting to feel sorry for her.
    Great actor.
  • Maggie Grace is gorgeous and I am a nig fan of hers. She is very good at acting and I really like all of her characters. I loved watching her on lost and I really hope that the rumers are true that she will be back in the thered season of Lost this fall.

    Maggie Grace is gorgeous and I am a nig fan of hers. She is very good at acting and I really like all of her characters. I loved watching her on lost and I really hope that the rumers are true that she will be back in the thered season of Lost this fall. She added a different twist to the cast of lost and I really liked that about her. I am interested to see more of Maggie on tv and hopefully in the movies. Her and Ian made a sweet cuple and I am a big fan of his also.
  • Can you say eye-candy?

    Maggie Grace plays Shannon in Lost. She plays a spoiled girl in her 20's. She has brother named Boone who has a crush on her and who is highly protective of her. Maggie's character died on teh second season when shot by Ana-Lucia. Maggie is a hot, sexy, gorgeous woman who has a bright future ahead of her. She will surely be in more TV dramas and movies. She played her character very well and that just shows she can act like something she's a total opposite of. Maggie is a kind girl looking to enetertain us all with her amazing gift of acting.
  • A gorgeuos and stunning actress who is on her way up in the showbiz world.

    Maggie Grace was born in Colombus,Ohio in 1983.Maggie launched her acting career in 2002, starring in Murder in Greenwich and Shop Club. In 2003, she played the Goth-influenced, estranged daughter of Tom Selleck and Wendy Crewson in the drama 12 Mile Road.
    She has been a guest star in such shows as Cold Case, Law and Order:SVU and CSI Miami. However it was her role as stubborn rich-girl Shannon Rutherford in the hit tv show Lost that put her on the map. However at the start of season 2 her charachter was killed off. Speculation is that she was killed off beacause the cast and crew found her difficult to work with. Carlton Cuse one of the producers rubbished these claims.
    In 2005 she starred in the remake of the horror movie "The Fog" as Elizabeth Williams.
    Maggie currently resides in Los Angeles and is rumoured to be dating former Lost co-star Ian Somerhalder
  • Love You.

    Maggie Grace, yet another Lost star I’ve fallen in love with. Personally, I don’t think it would easy not to. The blonde hair, the long, smooth legs and gorgeous blue eyes.

    So she’s got the looks, but has she got the talent?

    Absolutely! Her character is not as used as some of the other characters, which I think is a good thing. With such a big show like Lost, it’s important for the characters not to be overused, which ‘Shannon Rutherford’, her character, is not.

    Even though now, after a successful season run and Maggie has left the show, she has appeared as the star in the new re-made blockbuster film ‘The Fog’ and is working on many new aspects throughout the media.

    Already with an enviable list of credits, I am really looking forward to seeing the next step from Maggie.
  • Blonde Goddess!

    Maggie Grace has been lucky with the television and movie industry. After her character ‘Shannon Rutherford’ was killed off in episode six of the second series of ABC’s hit series ‘Lost’. Maggie admitted herself, that she was worried that now, after having moved to Hawaii to make it easier to be part of the show, that finding a new career in television was not going to be easy.

    But she had no reason to worry; very soon after she left the show, she was offered the star role on the ill-advised re-make of the famous horror film ‘The Fog’. Since that point Maggie has been very well credited for her acting and is just adding to her already enviable list of television and movie credits.
  • But not really!

    Five years ago Maggie's carreer as an actress really took off and by now, she certainly has an enviable list of appearance credits.

    Making her television debut as in "Murder in Greenwich" as "Martha Moxley". Grace also appeared in "12 Mile Road" with Tom Sellick (aka Richard from Friends).

    She became a 'Star' when she was cast in the part of the hit American primetime show "Lost". Gathering over 18M viewers per episode and playing a major role in the pilot, there were certainly a lot of eyes on this girl from that point on.

    This led to her being offered the star roll in the remake of John Carpenter's "The Fog" which will be released to the cinema's next year.

    After moving to Hawaii to aid with the filming of Lost, she is good friends with co-star from "Lost" Josh Holloway aka "Sawyer" and his wife.

    Maggie, unlike many other actresses' in the role of "the B!tch" on such a highly credited show was lucky. Sadly being killed off nearer the beginning of the second season, her sad and shockening death led to a pivotal moment in how people thought of "Shannon". She was no longer the b!tch, now the brave sensitive character that was 'unfairly' killed off.

    It's not the end for Maggie now though ofcourse, we will ofcourse be seeing a lot more of her with her upcoming movies "The Fog" and many other guest appearences.

    Well Done for getting this far and your acting skills and beauty are envied by many young 'wannabe's'.
  • Nice actress, sexy, hot, and gorgeous. She's an actress who is smart and simple. In the movie "Fog", she played her role well even though it is hard for an actress to do that role.

    Maggie is a very good actress. Whatever type of movie she'll be up to, she can perform well with her role. If it's drama, she can do well, if it's suspense, she can also do it too. That is the reason I like her so much. Aside from her good looks, she's got something that other actresses do not have.

    She carries herself so well in the roles she's up to. From her starring role in "Lost", she acted the way she is supposed to. Her role in "Fog" is hard to performed but she was able to handle her role very well.

    On her next projects, I hope she'll not change the way she acts and stay what she is.
  • Maggie Grace is really, really bonerific. I saw her in The Fog and maaaaaannnn, was she hot?

    She is really bonerific. She should be in more movies. I saw her in \"The Fog\" and I thought she was real sexxxy. I mean I think her co star who plays Kate is hot but she takes the cake. And with that temper of hers, it\'s somehow appealing to me.

    shes the best! she rox!` i luv her 2 pieces n shes such a gs actress wen boone dies it shows her tru luv nd appretiation 4 boone!!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x
  • i guess i can take back everything i said about her.. although shannon should have been the one to die on Lost, not happy that she is on the big screen in the Fog and i hope she goes farther..she deserves it cause she's on an emmy winning show!

    i guess i can take back everything i said about her.. although shannon should have been the one to die on Lost, not happy that she is on the big screen in the Fog and i hope she goes farther..she deserves it cause she\'s on an emmy winning show!
  • A reveiw on Maggie Grace in her role of Shannon in \"Lost.\"

    At first I though Maggie\'s acting of Shannon was very run of the mill, and average. Don\'t get me wrong, very watchable, The writing for her character didnt exactly stretch her during the first few episodes.
    However, as the show went on, I came to love her character. Maggie Grace did a wonderful job of showing the flaws and hidden depths of Shannon. Not once, but twise has her character want to cry. Firstly when she sees her brother is dead. And then in the last episode of \"Lost,\" when she breaks down near the beggining.
    Do not to judge an actor at first sight, they may suprise you! (I\'m still waiting fot Ben Affleck to!)