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    • Maggie Kirkpatrick: (on performing with UK crossover drag legend, Lily Savage in the high camp, tribute piss-take of 'Prisoner')
      It was heaven. He's so wicked, and clever and I kind of learned to be a straight feed to a comic in that show, because I never quite knew what he was going to do next. He's the master of ad lib. Off he would go on a tangent and I would just deal with that, never trying to compete with that sort of rare comedy, but perhaps just adding to it just by the look. Then he'd veer right back to a cue that was necessary, so I was quite happy to go along with that, and knowing I could get a laugh with just a look was quite gratifying. It was a lot of laughs on and off the stage. We were like a pair of naughty kids together. I had to come home and give my liver a rest!