Maggie Peterson





1/10/1941 , Greeley, Colorado, USA

Birth Name

Margaret Ann Peterson




Margaret Ann Peterson was born to Arthur and Tressa Peterson in Greeley, Colorado in 1941. She grew up in a very musical family. Maggie, her brother Jim, and two of Jim's friends formed a small group called the Ja-Da Quartet. They would ride around in the back of a pickup truck singing to people. In 1954, Dick Linke heard Maggie singing at a Capitol Records convention. He was so impressed that he told her if she ever came to New York, to look him up. In 1958 she did. In 1959 Maggie's group released their album It's the Most Happy Sound. Later they returned home, but after a while Maggie came back to New York again, and joined a new group. For many years they traveled around on tours. While on one of these tours Maggie was discovered by Bob Sweeny and Aaron Ruben, the director and producer of The Andy Griffith Show. And you know the rest; Maggie Peterson became the loveable Charlene Darling. Maggie also had many other roles on tv programs such as Green Acres, The Odd Couple, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C, and many many more.