Maggie Wheeler





8/7/1961 , New York, NY

Birth Name

Maggie Jakobson




Maggie Wheeler was born Margaret Jakobson, on August 7th 1961 in New York City, New York. Because of her nasally voice, she had trouble finding a job as a voice actor. She has been romantically linked to David Duchovny, and even appeared on his show. She has also appeared on ER, L.A. Law and Seinfeld (just to name a few). She is currently married to Danny Wheeler.

Out of all her roles, her most famous role is Janice Litman Goralnick (née Hosenstein), Chandler Bing's particularly annoying ex-girlfriend. She is one of the four guest stars on Friends to be credited in every season. Her trademark quote, "Oh my God!", seems to be the thing that she gets most recognized for on the show. She also had a recurring role on Everybody Loves Raymond, as Debra's friend. She got both of these

roles, after auditioning for the female lead(s).

Despite her appearances in Friends and Raymond, she has had horrible luck finding a permanent role on TV shows. She was in the Pilot for Suddenly Susan as a regular, but sadly her characters was recast with Kathy Griffin. Also, she was a regular on Ellen, but disappeared after the first season.