Maiara Walsh

Maiara Walsh


2/18/1988, Simi Valley, California, USA

Birth Name

Maiara Kyilor Walsh



Also Known As

Maiara Walsh
  • Maiara Walsh stars as Mandi DuPont on Me...
  • Meaghan Martin as Jo and Maiara Walsh as...
  • Maiara Walsh as Ana Solis of Desperate H...
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Maiara Walsh is an American and Brazilian girl. She can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. Maiara Walsh made her appearance on TV with a small role on Unfabulous. She also had a role as Meena Paroom on the Disney Channel original series, Cory in the House. She now…more


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    • Maiara: Other shows Disney stars were all very nice and down to earth. I was almost surprised because sometimes you meet these people and they think they're better than everyone else because they act or something, and no one was acting like that.

    • Maiara: My parents [...] instilled in my head that education comes first, education's important, you always have to have something to fall back on. Which I completely agree with, especially when you're in a business that can kick you out whenever it's done with you.

    • Maiara: Definitely on a daily basis. I'm pretty used to people messing up my name and not knowing how to spell it. It just confuses everyone.

    • Maiara: There were definitely culture clashes that we had to go through. Like something as simple as sleeping over at a friend's house is more of a big deal to my mom just because it's not really that common to do that in Brazil.

    • Maiara: I get to work and it's constant laughter and jokes all day, and when we're really tired and we're ready to get home, there's always people with such high energy like Kyle Massey and Jason Dolley that keeps me going too.

    • Maiara: I had a really good time in school and thought the public education did really well for me.

    • Maiara: Meena has to find a way to make her parents happy and to fit into the American society, which is kind of a cool thing because there are many multicultural teenagers out there and people who do have difficulties trying to make their parents happy, but at the same time, be true to themselves and be able to accustom to daily American life.

  • Maiara Walsh is doing all of her hard work and training with Amy Lyndon some serious justice!!! She is charming, charismatic and an absolute blast to watch! She is inspiring to me to keep learning the Lyndon Technique! Congrtas, Maiara-you've earned it!moreless

    Maira is brilliant for blending two accents to come up with one for her character in Cory In The House! Her timing is impeccable, her presence flawless and her character represents a very real presence in the United States of America.

    I say HUGE kudos to her--Maiara! She has made her dreams come true and worked hard to bring them to fruition. I am so honored to be studying with the same Booking Coach that brought her to this point, Amy Lyndon. Maira's work is clean and the sky is the limit for this young actress. I hope to continue to see her in more and more projects as time progresses!moreless
  • Why doesn't Disney pay any attention to her?

    Maiara Walsh plays Meena Paroom on Disney Channel's Cory in the House. Which is a spin-off to their show That's so Raven. She deserves to have her own show. Disney's focused on Miley, Demi, and Selena and Maiara gets nothing! I feel sorry for her. So many categories are how I could classify her: underused, the more-talent co-star, give him/her a show, should have been a bigger star, and talented. She is beautiful too. Disney needs to give her at least a DCOM! She's so talented an she deserves to be treat better. I love Miley, Selena and Demi and all but... what about Maiara?moreless