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  • GREAT job on Naruto no matter what people say!

    Even if people say that the dub is bad and subbed is better, this lady makes the dub great. Now as every one already knows, Maile Flanagan is the voice of naruto Uzumaki on the popular anime show Naruto. She was the one to first say the catchy phrase "Believe It!" She is great and she fits Naruto character completetly! The voice is just a perfect match for Naruto, its crazy! Now I don't know if she does anymore voices on Naruto, but if she did it would still be great! She is along with Sarah Natochenny is one of the best female anime voice actresses!
  • I haven't seen any of her other voice overs but, Maile Flanagan does an excellent job with the voice of Naruto.

    Maile Flanagan sounds similar to the original voice of Naruto. She puts alot of expression and emotion into the voice of Naruto. His voice is what you'd expect from a hyper active 12-year old. Naruto's voice is slightly raspier than the original but it is less high-pitched. I don't mean that the original was bad however. If I had to pick between the dub voice of Naruto and the original, it would be a tough choice. I have heard the original voice more but they're both really close. In my opinion, Maile Flanagan is one of the most talented voice actors to ever dub a show.
  • does a good job of Doing naruto. i say shes used to rarely

    she does the voice of the main character on one of my favorite animes.naruto is very popular, and yet the voice actor does only 2 main roles. she should be in more animes and cartoons.i had never even heard of her until i saw the credits on several episodes.doesnt anyone else think that maile flanagan is underused?i know i do(im repeating words cause i cant think of 100 words to put in 1 post).i dont know much about her. is she german or something? anyway, i think she does a good job of naruto, and i rate her voice talent 9.6 outta 10
  • she's pretty good. i don't no why everyone is complaining with naruto?

    she has a pretty good voice. she makes a guy voice sound realistic to me i couldn't tell that it was a girl till i looked at it. haha i don't think her voice is annoying there are way worse annoying voices out there. Yeah i give her a nine and a half out of ten, i took away 5 because i don't think she deserves 10 right now. haha it's really hard to write one hundered words for these sort of reviews. gosh only 14 words to go. now 9. well i say stop complaining about the us dubs. watch the jap. version if you don't like it. problem solved that easy :]
  • She's talented.

    I have to say she is really talented. She has done alot of voice overs especially for my favorite anime of all time Naruto. She sounds really cool as the voice of Naruto. She also voiced my other favorite shows which is pretty cool. She has been acting since 1987 and has alot of experiences of acting which is really cool. I will give her a 10 out of 10 because she is so amazing. She just rocks for voicing Naruto Uzumaki and I also like him and he is my favorite character of the whole show which makes it even better.
  • Maile Flannigan is the voice of Naruto Uzamaki...All I can say is you've got some Talent there=D I would have never guessed that the crazy noise coming out of Naruto's mouth happened to be by a female LOL!!!

    Haaa...HONESTLy...I absolutely Luv Naruto's voice. Some people say that it is super annoying (Which It Is) But it matches Naruto's personality. If he sounded like Sasuke, then it would really seem kinda backwards. You'd be having this energetic crazy immature kid sounding very cool and tough. As a matter of fact...Id say that it they couldnt have done it any better then the way they have it right now. So yeah, Imma definitely give props 2 Maile 4 having this talent!!! Go Goo Gooo Goooo Gooooo Maile Flanigan to having your crazy as ever voice talent for Naruto Uzamaki!!! WHOAz!!!
  • Best. Disney. Villain. EVER.

    She is amazing as Principal Perry! Funniest villain Disney ever had.
  • What a great show.!!!!!

    Maile Flanigan does the voiceover for Naruto Uzumaki on the show called Naruto. Maile was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. When she was was four and a half years old, her family moved to Bangkok, Thailand. When she was ten she moved to Nurnberg, Germany and sometime after that Munich, Germany. She attended Boston College. Maile Performed with comedy group "Every Mother's Nightmare" in Minneapolis. She also does many other voiceovers for many other shows for one she does the voiceover for one of the characters on the animated series of Maile was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. When she was was four and a half years.
  • She's not the best voice actress but I like the fact she stars on Naruto is the reason I gave her a 10

    I wonder how old she is and where she was born cause I want to add that to this persons summary so I can be the editor for Malie flanagan she might be irish I dont know I know she stared on mad tv so I submitted that to her creits I hope it accpets.
  • i dont actually her english dub voice as naruto usamaki

    she is great yes i love her role as naruto usamaki on naruto but i just dont like her voice her voice is just strange im not saying shes medicore i like her shes just not that great so overall i give her a 7 out of 10 end of review