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  • Maile Flannigan is the voice of Naruto Uzamaki...All I can say is you've got some Talent there=D I would have never guessed that the crazy noise coming out of Naruto's mouth happened to be by a female LOL!!!

    Haaa...HONESTLy...I absolutely Luv Naruto's voice. Some people say that it is super annoying (Which It Is) But it matches Naruto's personality. If he sounded like Sasuke, then it would really seem kinda backwards. You'd be having this energetic crazy immature kid sounding very cool and tough. As a matter of fact...Id say that it they couldnt have done it any better then the way they have it right now. So yeah, Imma definitely give props 2 Maile 4 having this talent!!! Go Goo Gooo Goooo Gooooo Maile Flanigan to having your crazy as ever voice talent for Naruto Uzamaki!!! WHOAz!!!