Mailon Rivera





10/4/1969 , New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name




Tall, charming, sexy with a voice that should be on nighttime radio. Very few people command the power of magnetism, but when Mailon walks into a room, you can actually feel the dynamic change.
When asked to elaborate on his life prior to acting, he responds: "I got my start breakdancing for change in New York's Times Square. Like most people, I have made some mistakes in my life. I guess it was part of growing up. I grew up harder than most. I was the welfare baby, the foster child and the son of drug addicted parents. However, I was fortunate enough to always have had a strong sense of dignity and self-respect. I have been mentoring at-risk kids for some time now, and I feel that self-respect is one of the most important qualities to instill in children to help them survive fairly intact in a rough world. It's sad, but so many people who are caught in that type of environment eventually get swallowed up by the cruel city".
Well, we are certainly glad Mailon made the right choices in his life. When commenting on how deep and melodious his voice is, he is caught by surprise. It's endearing to watch such a handsome and self-confident man blush. "I get that from my father" he says, flashing a boyish grin. Just like the Libra he is, Mailon is definitely in touch with his Yin/Yang personality. He seems to be very well balanced. Tough, yet gentle. Confident, yet shy. Humorous, yet philosophical. Candid, yet protective about certain aspects of his life. Somehow it all works for him. His story is one of victory. He is a great example of the power of self and he doesn't mind being a role model. We hope to hear from Mailon for many years to come.