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  • I am mesmerized by this young lady, her delivery is brilliant and when I watch I find myself thinking how are her reactions so perfect? It's like she actually is Lola and she's hilarious!moreless

    I think that Maisy Cowell is absolutely brilliant!! Her emoting and emphasis are completely natural and she is the first actress, animated or otherwise that seems to \"be\" the character! She\'s totally on cue and realistic, it\'s like she\'s either a genius or she is lucky enough to be the most natural \"natural\" I myself have ever seen. She is adorable as Lola, and I watch the show to see her! The first time I saw the show I was hooked on Lola. She\'s so cute and absolutely hilarious, her delivery is impeccable! P.S. I am a 41 year old mother of 3 20+ children, and I get teased for watching, but I am mesmerized by this young lady!! I\'d love to see a picture of her!moreless