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  • Sassy and original

    Besides being a kick ass actress Majandra sings also, that's what she's done originally and prefers than being an actress. Majandra has lots of fun with the show and her character. “Maria has many colors, and I like that. She’s light and doesn’t take things too seriously.” Says "16" Magazine. This is somewhat Delfino’s philosophy, too. “I don’t fall for all the star stuff. It’s not as glamorous as it seems.” She claims she would be happy just painting, writing songs, and playing the piano and guitar.
  • Talented, yet very underrated.

    Ive been a fan of Majandra ever since watching Roswell. I fell in love with her acting ability and talent, so went on a mission to find out more about her. I can honestly say, that she is one of the most talented, soulful people...EVER! Her music is a little different to what I would normally listen to, but since I discovered it, I listen to it all the time!
    Her words seem harsh and brutal, but there really is a deep meaning to every song.
    I would strongly recommend that you check her music out, if you havent done so already.
    I really think that Majandra's talent is underrated and overlooked, especially here in the UK. In my personal opinion, she's a fantastic actress and singer and needless to say she's beautiful.
    I just hope that more people start to realise how wonderful she is! Rant over.
    But seriously, please check out her work, you'll love it!
  • Majandra should have a lot longer resume than she does.

    I think Majandra Delfino is one of the best young actresses that are out today, she has a depth to her that a lot of young starletts are lacking. I first saw her on Roswell and she quickly became my favorite actor on the series. Her character was original and played so well. A bit spacey at first but as the character developed Majandra was able to put so many layers into the role.

    After seeing her in Roswell, I bought the movie 'The Secret Life of Girls' and thought that Majandra was spectacular in it. She stands up spectacuarly well next to a comedic great like Eugene Levy.

    Her made for TV movie, Celeste in the City, was a great family film and a movie which young girls all over the world can watch and appreciate. Majandra has a knack for picking roles about strong and intelligent females that are wonderful characters to look up to.

    Her music career is something of wonders. Her beautifully angst ridden lyrics on her debut album, The Sicks, were so well written, they moved me to tears. Her voice is very addictive and you can't help but listen to her record over and over.

    I can't wait to see what the future has in store for Majandra. Wether its her music, film or TV work, I'll be listening and watching. Because no matter what it is, its sure to be amazing.
  • great role model for girls

    in roswell she played a determined strong willed woman who still wasnt afraid to love the man she knew she was meant for but never let that interfere with who she was i wish more young women would approach their roles that way she did young girls today need better role models than ashlee simpson