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  • Talented, yet very underrated.

    Ive been a fan of Majandra ever since watching Roswell. I fell in love with her acting ability and talent, so went on a mission to find out more about her. I can honestly say, that she is one of the most talented, soulful people...EVER! Her music is a little different to what I would normally listen to, but since I discovered it, I listen to it all the time!
    Her words seem harsh and brutal, but there really is a deep meaning to every song.
    I would strongly recommend that you check her music out, if you havent done so already.
    I really think that Majandra's talent is underrated and overlooked, especially here in the UK. In my personal opinion, she's a fantastic actress and singer and needless to say she's beautiful.
    I just hope that more people start to realise how wonderful she is! Rant over.
    But seriously, please check out her work, you'll love it!