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    • Majandra: I just had a terrible thing happen to me where I posted on a site and people had been posting saying that they were me. It was really crazy and then, I don't know how, they got into my personal computer, the full on hacking thing.

    • Majandra: I would say that it's a lot easier, especially if you have a bit of an attention deficit disorder, to be on a movie because you can give it your all and kill yourself for however many months and then let it go. If you try to kill yourself for a role on the TV show, you'll succeed. It's too long, it's too much. So, it's tough but the challenge is a good thing.

    • Majandra: I would love to write and then I'd direct something I wrote. I find it so strange to take someone's work and then be the director of it and have their view and take it on as your own, it's almost unfair. To me it's the same thing as being a singer and only singing songs people write for you.

    • Majandra: Only you can know what's best for you – always.

    • Majandra: I don't think anything is ever a mistake. "Mistakes" as they are called have always brought me the things that I most needed and the things that ended up making me happy.

    • Majandra: I prefer to hear myself sing than see myself in a movie.

    • Majandra: I kind of have that guy thing with speech and sometimes it's very difficult to speak what I'm trying to say. With songs, I felt that that was the best way to say things.

    • Majandra: I'm not girly enough to care how I look on TV, or if i'm wearing the correct make up.

    • Majandra: I get lots of gifts and stuff like that. Usually really sweet stuff. I try to send a head shot of myself and a note, too. But for security reasons I try not to get too personal. We're advised not to disclose too much info.

    • Majandra: People get really attached to TV shows, especially when they deal with subject matter like ours. They begin to feel like they know you and that leads to some bizarre behavior. I remember me and my friends cried when My So-Called Life went off the air.

    • Majandra: I get lots of letters from girls who love the show and love my character, but then there are the ones that come from the boys telling me what they'd do to me in bed and all.

    • Majandra: I definitely believe they [aliens] are out there. We can't be the only ones that exist. That would just be too egotistical to think that. They are up there looking down on us right now.

    • Majandra: I hate germs, I can't share drinks with people, I don't like using public toilets. Eeeew! I also have phobias of sharks. I saw one once when I was out on my WaveRunner and was freaked out. Ever since I saw Jaws I've been that way.

    • Majandra: They [in high school] called me "fish lips" and would make fish faces at me. But my mom always used to tell me that when I got older, people would be envious of my lips. And she was right.