Majel Barrett





2/23/1932 , Columbus, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Majel Lee Hudec




Majel Barrett was born Majel Lee Hudec on February 23, 1932. Before going into film and TV work she appeared in many theatrical productions. It was while she was performing in All for Mary that she won her first movie role. It was a bit part in the movie Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957).

Majel would continue to appear in small roles until she was cast in the first Star Trek (1966) pilot show named The Cage. This pilot was rejected by the studio and when Star Trek aired in 1966 Majel won the role of the nurse.

In 1969 she married Star Trek creator Gene Roddenbury and from that time appeared in many of his film and TV projects (The Questor Tapes (1974), Planet Earth (1974) and others).

Majel Barrett still plays an active part in the Star Trek TV Series. She played "Lwaxana Troi" in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), and since the original Star Trek series has provided the voice of the Starfleet computer voice in many of the Star Trek spin-offs. She also served as executive producer of the series Andromeda and Earth: Final Conflict.