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  • Wise words

    He played the wise man role in movies that I watched. Good voice for an old man role that a movie would not be complete without.
  • Mako was a voice actor for Uncle Iroh on the show "Avatar: The Last Airbender".

    What can I say, Mako did a wonderful job as a voice actor on the hit series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" for Uncle Iroh. To tell you the truth, I perfer his voice over Greg Baldwin's voice any day. His voice went so well with Iroh's character and is nearly impossible to replicate perfectly, thats what was so unique about Mako. I'm not saying Greg Baldwin's voice didn't sound anything like Mako's, its just not as smooth nor as perfect with Iroh's character as Mako's voice was. He was probably the most talented voice actor in the Avatar: The Last Airbender cast.
  • man, why did he have to die!?!? Anyway, R.I.P. Mako, We'll miss u!

    He was the charcter of reason in almost every show or movie he was in. The voice actor that voices Iroh right now won't ever do a great job as Mako did. I think I remember reading on Wikipedia that he was Master Splinter in the TMNT movie. I also remember reading that he had suffered Esophageal cancer.

    All the fans of Avatar and Iroh will miss him very much. I wish i could make a little bit of a joke by saying "Game Over " but I don't think that's such a good idea. It's hard to say farewell, but we must say it anyway. Good bye, Mako :(!
  • R.I.P Mako

    he is one of the all time greats starring in many movies, and doing many voice acting such as Aku in the great show Samurai Jack, And the awsome show Avatar the last airbender. He ios a great person and shouldbe honored for all the gret work hes done in theater, such as pacific Overtures. the creators of Samurai jack, and creators of avatar were definantly in the right for choosing such a great , talented, and magnificent actor such as Mako. H was an all time great and will be missed by many. He has left his legendary mark on acting. Rest In Peace Makoto Iwamatsu
  • Acting and Voice talent Mako had supreme talent.

    I first heard his voice as Aku in Samurai Jack and thought this was an amazing villain, the voice made it all. I then heard him as Uncle Iroh in Avatar: The Last Airbender, at first I was unaware that the voice actors were the same person, I guess that only just shows his range, and with his last role not only was he able to reach a vast and wide audience but also gave Iroh life through his voice. I have not yet seen any of his live action performances including his Academy award nominated role in the 1966 film "The Sand Pebbles", however, because of these two voice roles he has inspired me to watch.

    Makoto Iwamatsu
  • roh was the firstborn son of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah. Iroh was destined to succeed Azulon as Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, but because of the mysterious events surrounding Azulon's death,

    roh was the firstborn son of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah. Iroh was destined to succeed Azulon as Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, but because of the mysterious events surrounding Azulon's death, and Iroh's abandonment of the siege on Ba Sing Se to grieve for his son, Lu Ten, Iroh's younger brother Ozai succeeded to the throne.[3]

    Three years before the start of the series, an indulgent Iroh allowed his beloved nephew to observe a meeting of Ozai's war council-a mistake he would soon come to regret. In the council, Zuko spoke out against a general who planned to sacrifice an entire division of novice troops in battle as a diversionary tactic. Though Iroh silently agreed with young Zuko's assessment, the Fire Lord demanded that Zuko participate in a fire duel, the Agni Kai, for his insubordination. Zuko accepted, under the mistaken impression he would be dueling the General he'd insulted. However, because Zuko had spoken out in his father's war room, Zuko had disrespected his father. Iroh bore witness in the audience when Zuko fell to his knees in the arena, pleading for forgiveness and refusing to duel his own father. When Iroh's brother badly burned his own son's face, permanently scarring him as punishment for his cowardice and disrespect, Iroh looked away, unable to stand the sight.[4]

    Zuko was afterward stripped of his birthright and exiled from the Fire Nation. However, one condition could restore his honor and throne and allow him to return home. Zuko was instructed to find and capture the Avatar. The Avatar was a perpetually reincarnated spirit of the planet manifested in human form, master of all four elements, and maintainer of balance between the Four Nations. This powerful being was the only threat to the Fire Nation's victory in its imperialist war against the other nations. Yet the Avatar had vanished a century ago-shortly before the Fire Nation's first strike. Three generations had conducted fruitless searches, and Zuko was to be sent on a quest that
  • The spirit of Uncle Iroh

    It was his voice skills that made Uncle Iroh one of my favorite characters. He delivered wonderfully: Iroh's calm under pressure, but ability to become fiece when needed. He had a deep, grandfatherly voice that was fitting for the characters that he played, and a deep laugh that was great for the characters as well. I think that he was a great person and will allways be remebered for the roles that he played. Talent like that doesn't allways come around with everyone, and it takes someone with great dedication to work so long into their life for the benifit of others.
  • Makoto Iwamastu was a great person. rast in peace, Mako.

    Makoto Iwamastu was a great person. rast in peace, Mako. A very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very (just doing this to not type very much) nice voice actor of Iron for Avatar: The Last Airbender. A very very very very very very very very talented actor( even though I only watch him in Avatar: The Last Airbender). It's so sad that he died. He worked hard doing all of those roles and how he fought the cancer and kept on acting in the show he was in. well i'm done
  • I love Mako and he will be missed by not only me but many different people all across America and the globe!

    I am very sad to hear that Mako is gone! he was so perfect to play the part on Avatar, he is a great person and even a better actor! Mako did everything to study for being a architect to going into the military. He did everything! he was such a great man that will be remembered by all. Mako really was the best person ever to play the part on Avatar because he was so authentic and it made Iroh seem to be a real Firebender. He really captivated me with his great dialect with a hint of his heritage! I love Mako and he will be missed by not only me but many different people all across America and the globe!
  • Mako's spirit will live on forever in our hearts.

    He was born in Kobe, Japan, the son of noted children's book author and illustrator Taro Yashima. His parents moved to the United States when he was a small child. He joined them there after World War II, joining the military in the 1950s. He became a naturalized American citizen in 1956. Many of his acting roles credited him simply as "Mako", omitting his surname. Mako died on July 21, 2006, aged 72, after a long battle with esophageal cancer. Prior to his death, Mako had been recently confirmed to star in the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, providing the voice of Splinter. His involvement in the project was announced on July 20; one day before his death. It is known that he had done most of the voice work, but not the ADR. In a recent interview with the director Kevin Munroe, it was confirmed that Mako had completed his recording before his death, and his voice will be used in the movie. .Selection of another voice actor for Uncle Iroh on Avatar: The Last Airbender has been confirmed; although no names were mentioned, the new voice actor studied underneath Mako on a Broadway show they did together and eventually served as Mako's successor upon his departure from the stage show. Evidence suggests that this new actor is Ernest Abuba, who starred in the 1984 revival of Pacific Overtures, taking over Mako's role as "The Reciter" and starring alongside him in the original 1976 version of the play. Ernest was also Mako's understudy in the broadway play Shimada, which premiered in 1992 and closed after only a few performances, though it is a suggestion and some have said he is absolutely not the voice actor, but was once considered. The creators feel that Iroh's new voice actor captures Mako's spirit and acting. In Chapter 15 of Book 2, "The Tales of Ba Sing Se," the short story "The Tale of Iroh" was dedicated "In Honor of Mako."
  • He was a great person and a very good voice actor. Ri

    Was raised by his grandparents in Kobe while his parents worked with the Office of War Information after the start of WW2. Moved to New York at the age of 15 and became a citizen at age 23. He studied to become an architect but switched to acting. Made his screen debut in "The Ugly Dachshund" but came to fame in his next movie as the engine-room coolie in "The Sand Pebbles" opposite Steve...

    He was a great voice actor and he used to voice Iroh on Avatar the last Airbender, Aku on Samurai Jack. He used to voice very good shows.

    R.I.P Mako
  • Mako was from Japan, if I'm not mistaken, and he was the voice of Iroh on Avatar The Last Airbender. He died over the summer of 2006 because of cancer....

    Mako was an excellent voice actor. His voice as Iroh was so comforting and just all over spiffy, but then he get cancer and died. I was on Avatar Portal one day over the summer, then I looked at the head line. I froze as I read what it said. "Rest in peace, Mako". I couldn't believe my eyes. 'How could he die? He couldn't have... He doesn't deserve something like this....' I thought. Alas, I looked at multiple other websites that confirmed what Avatar Portal had said. I felt terrible.... Rest in peace good fellow. I say this in honor of Mako.... :(
  • Rest in peace, Mako

    This man was a highly talented voise actor and will always be remembered for his work. They will never find anyone as good as him to replace Iroh on Avitar and the varioius other shows. He was often doing the voises for wold cocourers like Aku from Samuri Jack and Iroh from avitar. I wish him well in the afterlife.
  • Mako is a legend...

    Mako's work in Avatar: The Last Airbender is just spot on. I can't imagine a more perfect voice for Uncle Iroh. Mako brings Iroh so much more depth. Mako's voice brings Iroh an old wise Asian man, a crazy old grandpa, and a serious warrior, all in one.

    Kudos to you Mako, and may you rest in peace.
  • This guy was a great actor.

    This guy was the first voice of Uncle Iroh of Avatar the Last Airbender, and he was very good at his voice acting job. It was cool the way he could change his voice from being a comic relief person, to someone who sounds completely serious and means business. His voice on Avatar was capable of pulling off those jokes that they always try to pull off in the show at various times. I wish Mako was still alive not only to continue the series but to fufill other roles that either his voice or live action acting would have been fitting. He was a man a great talent. It will be hard to find someone who can take the role of Iroh, however, I want Iroh to remain in the series because he is one of my favorite characters. I hope Mako can rest in peace.
  • I cannot believe it. Mako passed away! He was such a great voicer! Now who's going to voice Uncle Iroh? I hope the new voicer sounds like Mako cause if he doesn't, it might just ruin the show, at least for me.

    I'm terribly sorry to say that Mako had passed away at the age of 72. He died of esophageal cancer. He was an amazing and inspirational person and will be greatly missed. Mako was born on Dec. 10, 1933 at Kobe, Japan. When he was five, his parents moved to New York to study art and he stayed behind with his grandparents. He was an Asian-American actor that tried to open Hollywood to people like him instead of racism. Mako even got an Academy Award Nomination and used that to push jobs for Asian Americans. Many people say if it wasn't for Mako, then there would never have been an Asian American theatre. Mako made many TV appearances such as "I Spy", "MASH", "Walker, Texas Ranger, "Pearl Harbor", and many more. Mako was a great man that accomplished many important tasks and deserves to be remembered for what he did.
  • r.i.p. mako he was such a great man may he rest in peace poor mako

    he was a great voice actor i have noticed his roles he was the ending credits theme for dexters labrotory the voice of aku from samiri jack and was recently iroh from avatar the last airbender i dont know who will replace mako for the role as iroh from avatar the last airbender
  • Hahahaah, what a great guy. We will remember you, Mako!!!!!!

    Though I have not seen (or heard) too much of Mako's acting except in Avatar, I still love this guy. His voice, calm, passive, yet with hints of both humour and brutality is perfect for the role of Iroh. I hope to see some of his movies soon, too. I wonder who will take his place as Iroh???
  • He\'s Great Man I adored his character on Avatar as Uncle Iroh, his voice is perfectly fit to that character. It\'s like speaking from the real world, or uncle Iroh is a human character. Even though I have not seen him from his movies.

    Oh Mr.Mako or General Iroh and Family Greetings from his fan,I loved your character as Iroh.Sad for the fans you wont be here for us anymore as uncle Iroh but you and your family and your character deeply in our hearts your voice will remain and your still part of this Avatar even though your on the other side of this world now.Now I know why the episodes of avatar has a long Gap from each episodes to another lately fron june and september you are fighting against cancer and you did you are a hero like uncle Iroh.
  • Mako was so talented when he stared as Iroh, Zuko's crazy tea-loving shopping-obsessed wise old, retired general Uncle. Iroh is one of my favorite characters and Mako was one of my favorite actors.

    Mako was a brilliant actor and I was beyond shocked when I was told that he was dead. It never occured to me that he could die until he ... well, died. Before his death, Mako was a well known and well loved actor. Mako will be missed by fans of all ages and, of course, his family. As Mako's role as Uncle Iroh in Avatar, he was brilliant and added a lovely sarcastic and witty edge to the plotline. Iroh's jokes, remarks, and proverbs in consoling Zuko was just the spice the show was expected to have. Portrayed as a tea-loving, shopping-obsessed, and wise but old retired general is not all there is to Iroh. He is very intelligent and very skilled as a fire-bender. He has lots of patience. Iroh does, after all, have to deal with his hot-headed nephew, no pun intended.

    I wish Mako a peaceful death and may he be loved as much as he was alive. You're still in our hearts, Mako.
  • I love that so many generations get to experience Mako's talent.

    What can I say, but Mako gave the true Fire Lord (in my opinion) a personality which has defied the stereotypical bad guy image. Not to say he was portrayed as bad, but as part pf the maligned Fire Nation and as a royal family member his character began under the shroud of “the bad guys”. Although I enjoy the entire show, I know when Uncle Iroh is around the scene is going to be enjoyable. Mako’s voice work on the character has brought what may have seemed an ancillary character into a full character and one of the top reason’s I watch this program.

    I remember Mako from M*A*S*H and with such a distinctive voice, I catch him on so many shows and movies. Now as a family we can enjoy his talents for years to come.

    ETA: 7/23/06 - I had no idea that in a little over a week from posting this review Mako would pass. As a fan, of course I will miss his talents, but my heart goes to his family who will miss so much more.
  • Mako has been heard in a few of my favorite cartoon shows. His voice is very recognizable, and it is very entertaining. Mako seems to have a voice that can provoke emotions, and I have a sense of nostalga when I hear his characters.

    Something about Mako.

    His voice is somewhat under-rated, but it is a voice I hear often. I appreciate all the work he puts into his characters. He usually plays minor charcters, but his voice demands a higher role. You can defidentially sense his oriental upbringing, and much of his roles allow him to exercise his accent. I really like him. He very much sounds like my grandfather, and just as humorous.